Why you should show up

In my first week of college, a girl in my dormitory told me she had to go to an information session about an internship at Disney World for one of her classes. He asked if I would like to tag along. He added that we could get some frozen yogurt on the way back. Do not want to turn a chance for frozen yogurt, I forced.

Little did I know that the decision to attend that information session was going to change the course of my life.

I didn’t bring anything to take notes and even had zero intention of listening. I started thinking about which toppings to pick for my frozen yogurt but I was confused by the mandatory presentation of their internship.

I returned to my dormitory that night and applied. Two months later I was packing up for my semester at Disney World as a photographer. While I was there, I discovered the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Six months after returning from my Disney internship, I applied for an internship at the Make-a-Wish Foundation in Central and Western North Carolina. While I was interning there, I got the idea to start my own company, Headbands of Hope. For each headband purchased, one was given to a girl with cancer and $ 1 was donated to fund childhood cancer research.

Headband of Hope has become my full-time job and has influenced thousands of people around the world. I know none of these ripple effects would have happened if I hadn’t decided to show up at a Disney info session five years ago. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

Sometimes, no matter what our motives or motives are, it’s always best to just show up and get in front of people.

Before I got the office of Headband of Hope, I usually worked from home or the local Starbucks. One day it was raining and I felt like staying in my pajamas and working from my couch but I decided to wear my daughter’s big pants (and rain boots) and work on the street from Starbucks.

As I was sitting there, a woman approached me and said, “Excuse me, are you the girl who started Headband of Hope?”

I took a few seconds to enjoy my first “Fame” encounter and said, “Yeah, I’m here.”

He told me that he was following my journey in the news and that he was fascinated and inspired by the work I did.

I replied, “You just made my day!”

Jess is the founder and CEO of his college startup, Headband of Hope. For each headband purchased, one was given to a girl with cancer and $ 1 was donated to fund childhood cancer research. She loves to talk on the college campus Campuspic And recently launched his first book, The Freshman Fabulous: The Girls Guide to College. When he’s not working or talking, he enjoys trying new foods, crossfitting, writing, startup tips, taking improv classes, staying out, and helping others find their way around the world.

Image Credit: mumptystyle.com

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