Why you should eat a bulletproof diet

Hey guys, this is Matt… I’m here today to tell you how proud I am To officially join the Bulletproof Ambassador team with Chicago Cubs John Baker, Big Wave Surfer Nick Vaughan and CrossFit Games Champion Amanda Allen.

This tHere’s a quick three-minute story about how a nurse stuck a needle in my ass from eating French fries on my deathbed in Medellin, Colombia, and was sponsored by some of the world’s top nutrition companies.

And yes I will tell you why I put butter in my coffee …

I was tasting the food of a Native Native American community 13,000 feet above sea level in the Andes of Peru. I mean, I can’t be rude, I had to eat it.

Some days passed, nothing big… I’ll just go to Colombia and check it out উচিত it should be quiet ..

Then it hit me.

I never lost anything on either end at the same time, but there I was in the bathroom of the Don Carlton Hotel, with the most violent convulsions I have ever experienced. I’m not really one to exaggerate, but death has crossed my mind several times when I was hallucinating in my bed wondering how I found myself in this situation.

Of course the next day I had a flight to Europe.

Canceled flight, potential parasite, full deal.

The doctor called a house to check on me and started sniffing around my hotel room only to find a half-eaten plate of french fries in the corner which I had ordered from the room service.

Come on, when you’re sick you always arrive for a comfortable meal, don’t you?

After a little reprimand in Spanish, a dozen and a half needles in my ass and about a gallon of pediallight, I was on my way to recovery …

A week later I was on Skype and my friend coach Adam Griffin told him about my experience and he immediately said, “Oh man, we have to let you eat. Bulletproof

From then on I was gripped.

Over the past year and a half, I have listened to and learned over 200 hours of interviews with highly performing doctors and specialists:

– Optimize my immune system and get less sick
Increasing my productivity by eating healthy fats for the brain
-Sleep better using simple “sleep hacks”
-Leave my anger and stress through mental “brain hacks”
– Get in good shape with less effort
– Leave the pain and inflammation in my body

Which, of course, led me to do a lot of good things like increase our travel agency Under30Experiences by 300%, publish 37 episodes of live different podcasts, be able to stay full-time in Costa Rica, study yoga in the sand, Blah blah blah, humble boast, humble boast.

However, I wouldn’t sit here and tell you not to eat sticky food, or the ham and cheese sandwich you ate for lunch was sprayed and injected with a chemical you don’t know.

I’m not here to argue with you, because my friend Julie Bauer from PaleoMG said, “I don’t really care. “

What I really hope is that anyone who reads this decides to take control of their own health even though we have been trained by society to fix ourselves when we break down.

There is a lot of information out there that can help you Feel good So that you can do more positive things for other people and Make the world a better place.

So here it is man, it’s the best I can do. Read some good things (ahem, bulletproof blog), learn to take care of yourself, and hey, even get out of your comfort zone and observe your thoughts for 5 minutes in a quiet room.

Thanks to Dave Asprey and Bulletproof for trusting me and welcoming you to the team. And thank you if you read this far – I’m literally sharing the best resources I know.

Eat it yourself, send it to a friend who likes to kick ass or maybe tag someone who has to kick ass.

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