Why the balance between your left and right brain is killing your creativity

I have anxiety I’m still bored. I still get nervous. My mind is still running There is a lot to do The other night I woke up at 4:30 am thinking that my group of travelers would not see Machu Picchu because I had done something wrong. My mind starts to calculate… 100% Refund Guarantee… 16 Traveler x 3 Trip x $ 1395 Initial Signup Price… This is a $ 66,960 error.I wake up well and start double checking …… And worst of all, lately I’m stuck. I can’t write. I do not write. I’m not creative All I can think of is logistics And then it hits me … There is a difference between my left brain and my right brain.

I’ve been laughing since Christmas Day. Courtney and I worked our asses back in Costa Rica and Belize once in a lifetime, back in action-packed adventures. Don’t get me wrong, it’s incredibly funny, but it’s also taxing emotionally and physically.

Although my work may be different from yours, we all have to deal with stress.

But Matt, I thought you said Take the stress out of your life and make it your dog?

Yes. I wrote a lot about it. Yoga for three and a half years. A year of meditating on every single solitary day without missing a beat. Studying diet and exercise year after year, paying close attention to my subconscious, sleep, my work habits, the people around me and any thoughts and emotions that enter my head and how to deal with them.

But just like you, practice is not always perfect.

Landmark here.

Our life is a big set of intricate patterns. The more you dive to test these patterns, the higher your quality of life.

Everything you do, say or even think is embedded in your subconscious. But the good news is that you can change the way your brain works … it’s called neuroplasticity. You can hear this keynote speech by a neuropsychologist working to reprogram the left and right brain.

Basically, our brain has a negative bias, so if we keep saying negative things, that negativity burns in our brain. This is an old Henry Ford proverb, “You think you can or can’t – you’re fine.”

Well here’s the good news about that expression. When you do all of the positive things mentioned above, your brain actually re-wire itself to see the positive side of everything.

So here’s what happened to me.

Over the months, all I have done is work my left brain. Logistics. Budget. Count. Work.

Fuck. Now I’m into creativity. I didn’t do as much work on my right brain as I should have done this winter. Here I am calling myself, because even though I claim to write every day, life comes down the road and I let that good habit die. Like trying to get back to the gym, my right brain is struggling to put words into this paper. Your right and left brains need to work.

The difference between your left and right brain

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Yes, in today’s age, with all this Get to work on time, Reply to email, drive in line, file our cost reportBlah blah blah, our left brain is taking over.

That’s what I’m trying to say As a society, we need to relax and use our right brain!

Why do you think computer nerds are such terrible dancers? Why do you think bodybuilders in the gym can’t really do anything with their bodies?

Why do you think women, who can act to love insight, passion and beautiful flowers, are out of touch with their femininity nowadays?

Too much left brain !!

Our changed gender role is making the whole world left-minded and more masculine. In other words, our yin and yang are out of our complete balance.

And then what happens? We continue to occupy the planet. The battle of war. Destroys nature. Commercialize everything. And conquer anything in our path.

We can’t see the big picture. And hey, guess where the big picture, the creative thing? Yes, you guessed it, right brain.

Who is going to change the world?

Don’t push your pencil, office number crunchers behind the world… I guess it will drop more LSD of innovative talent like Steve Jobs.

How to communicate with your right brain, see the big picture, change the world, expand your mind and stop being annoying in general:

Visualization. Now the left-brain-caveman in me says that I should think about my future exactly how I want to play it and repeatedly want to overcome it. This is what Tiger Woods can do before the match, where he can hit himself perfectly with every shot.

But guess what. I’m upset about that. And besides, Tiger knows that he always gets himself in trouble. The real talents here are those who know how to be creative and bring themselves out of every possible scene behind every tree or every bunker.

Instead of visualization, let’s call it imagination.

Write. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. So you’re not a writer? This is called journaling. Doodling. Draw dicks in a notebook like the scene from Too bad. I do not care. Something.

Did it hurt? Good. Do it again.

Get lost. A friend with a helicopter drops you in the middle of the jungle without food and water and uses your creativity so that you return home without death. Okay, okay, something more realistic … How about stopping driving with your navigation system? Free-ball it! Find ways to be more creative at home. Walk in the woods. Visit Mother Nature. Remember – he also came from the creative side of the right brain. Some people can never build something more beautiful than nature.

Start programming your dreams. Excellent, more cut edges by Matt Strange shit. Slightly re-cap your day in your journal before you go to sleep. Day off. Capture your thoughts on paper. This will help you to rest better.

Then, you guys of all types are going to like it … don’t deal with just 2/3 of the problem a day. Use those 8 hours of sleep to solve problems and be creative.

Go to bed regularly: “Tonight I’m going to sleep all night, get a great quality, fresh sleep, and remember where I left my car key.” And then go to work.

Holy shit doesn’t sound like prayer … Hmm, maybe you want to think of it as setting yourself up for success tonight.

Here’s how: “Tonight I’m going to leave the day, get 8 hours of deep healing sleep, wake up at 7:50 in the morning and come up with a new alternative energy method for my community.”

Meritorious people work like this. I don’t think I’m smart enough to solve that problem with my conscious mind by staying awake for 16 hours every day.

Look, I’m not going to spell for you any more than I said before. If you’re looking for someone to give you all the answers, you’re already doing it wrong. Remember: it’s time to start using your right brain to come up with creative, innovative solutions.

How are you going to start using the right brain in your brain today ?? Please leave a comment below.

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