Why listening leads to learning

So here’s a random and funny fact about Jordan: I love Ernest Hemingway; In fact, I once posted a picture of him on my personal Instagram with the Man Crush Monday #bae caption. His short stories are iconic and timeless. He is one of the greatest American writers, and his ability to express literary imagery is an absolute turn-on. Now, we should probably get back on track.

Have you ever heard the saying, “God gave us two ears and a mouth so we should hear twice as much as we talk …”?

God, that sounds like a clich, but it’s a valid point. It took me years to realize that Listen Towards Learning. When I started Pretty Girl Movement, LLC, I went into venture with a false adventure. I had this ridiculous idea in my mind that I knew everything I needed to know about business. How hard can it be? I googled some things, read some books and I knew the basic math. My mentality was very narrow; I thought until I fully understood the word Profit indicator, Then I was tough. I was walking aimlessly along the yellow brick road after my sexy red slipper with the enthusiastic posture of my followers.

Side note: You will find that when you start a business, especially when you are under 30, people will want to get on the train. Your coworkers will be fascinated by your ambition. I would like to quote wise and underrated rapper Mike Jones, “H *** didn’t want me then; Now I’m hot *** all over me. “

Don’t allow Yes Crew to influence your ego or your state of mind. The above leads me to my point string:

1. Keep your ego in check.

In the first chapter (Ego: You need to be the smartest person in the room) And 37 pages of Judy Smith’s book Good self, bad self: how to bounce back from a personal crisis“An ego out of control can be incredibly detached, because the underlying belief in the problem is that you are right, which makes you less likely to seek the views of others,” he wrote.

If you don’t have Kanye West Capital and Kanye West Vision, you shouldn’t have a Kanye West size ego in business. My company has an investor. He is a former venture capitalist who has chaired the boards of many companies and he has managed a lot of capital. Yes – he gave it to me Seed money, But more importantly, he gives me advice and insight. I remember one of our very first conversations. She expressed interest in investing in the Pretty Girl Movement. At first, I was sole proprietors. I had a trademark, a website, a financial advisor, an attorney and a copy. Think and get rich In my toolbox. I thought I was set.

I was very wrong and very stupid.

Our first conversation led to a deflated ego and an open mind. All the questions for it were: Do you know what an enterprise capitalist does? Do you understand how an investment will change the structure of your company? How much do you want I can honestly say that I didn’t know how to answer any of his questions.

Let’s play a quick game of two truths and one lie: 1) Johnny Depp was super hot in 21 Jump Street – The 1987-1991 TV series is not a revised Channing and Seth version – 2) I secretly love Justin Bieber.

Side note: This is an assumed fact because it is not really a secret; I am a complete believer. All my colleagues are aware of my team tendencies. I’m shameless. 3) I know everything about business, and I don’t need any kind of advice. Allow me to put things in perspective for you. No matter how successful you are, there is always going to be a more successful person listed on an issue Forbes Like # 1 whatever. Hard and consistent work, especially performed by people under the age of 30, will lead to a movement that will attract attention. Often, the attention you get will come from people who are more experienced and successful than you. If you are lucky enough that one of these people recognizes your potential and pulls you aside, you need to remember the aforementioned clich সম্পর্কে about God and the ear. Even Ryan Blair has mentors. He says so in his New York Times bestselling book Nothing to lose, everything to gain: How I went from gang member to multi-millionaire entrepreneur. Don’t be a person who knows everything. Your best bet in a situation with someone who knows more is to have a mindset that you know nothing. “I’m not young enough to know everything.” Courtesy of Mr. Oscar Wilde.

2. Ask questions. And how do you expect to get the answer?

Don’t be silly.

Allow me to say in detail, because I promise I am not trying to be an insulting Dutchman. People usually meet this terrible barrier of feeling unknown or stupid. I have no idea why people let such ridiculous ideas swallow them up. Our ability to search independently is an innate human trait. Seriously, think about it. If the question of the shape of the earth (i.e. plane vs. round) had not been raised, we would not have had the luxury Disney cruise sailing tourists to the Bahamas; More importantly, we will not have Disney World.


Do not limit your own ability to get answers. The perfect example, when my investors presented me with these questions, I could flex my false adventures. I could pretend to know the answer. I mean, Google is actually accessible to anyone. I could easily Google the answers to each of his questions. However, I did not choose that option.

Why? Because a superficial answer will never be as valuable as an experienced response. To further illustrate my point, think in terms of simple sentences versus compound sentences.

That means the spot has run. (Easy aka my googled answer)

The spot ran because the birds were chasing him down the street, and we all know the birds are serial killers. (Compound aka Investor Insights)

Public Service Announcement: If you are under 30, you have an exceptional benefit. People assume you don’t know much anyway. In addition, you will realize that people are so fascinated by your youthful ambitions that they will want to help you. Get all the free help you can get, because once your youthful ambitions start to fade, those people start referring to themselves as professionals and those casual conversations turn into suggestions at a rate of + 100 + every 45 minutes.

3. Be acceptable – put Rx before Tx.

This is going to be my shortest, most outspoken and final point. When someone shares insights with you, Don’tReply with, “I know.” Duration. When you throw “I know” in a conversation, people subconsciously dismiss you. They don’t want to know you – that’s why they’re ticking. They just want to Rx you. Listen to Duh

Allow me to share some more personal goodies with all of you. There have been some wonderful opportunities to seek and hear mentorship. I received an invitation to the awards ceremony; I’ve been blessed with free press on many occasions, and in the end, I’ve learned a lot and I’ve met some pretty interesting guys. That’s right- this is not about me. I’m simply saying that you should approach each educational opportunity with three basic ideas in your back pocket: Control your ego, ask questions and be acceptable.

Keep these in your backpack for your walk on the entrepreneurial yellow brick road.

Jordin Short’s CEO, Founder and Creative Director Beautiful Girl Movement, LLC. The 24-year-old fitness enthusiast is an active duty soldier and senior majoring in cyber-security at the University of Maryland College College. He is currently based in Washington, DC.

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