Who is the CEO of Bang

The CEO of Bang is American entrepreneur, businessman and philanthropist Jack Oak. Jack Oak was born on June 15, 1961 in the United States. He is best known as the CEO of Bang Energy, a sister company of Vital Pharmaceuticals.

The first half of life

Jack Oak went to Florida Atlantic University, the college where comedian Karat Top took part. Surprisingly, Oak was already born into a family of entrepreneurs, but in later life he was not an entrepreneur.

Early in his life, Oak began as a high school science teacher. He taught English and health as well as six different science classes and also conducted a nine-year internal suspension. During his reign, Oak began to develop good eating habits with exercise programs to reach peak form. Oak says he does everything differently based on science.


With her clients, she keeps track of their nutritional profile. He noticed that in one month, a group of clients did not lose body fat despite their rigorous training exercises and diet intake. She has made variable changes to her training system and diet and has noticed that they need egg protein replacement. In the early 90’s, the only egg white protein was an egg protein supplement that was eaten twice a day. Oook tested the egg supplement and found that it contained ninety percent maltodextrin, ash, and moisture, but no protein.

Ook was furious about this, but it got worse when his best friend, a professional basketball player, got the egg supplement, backed by Ook. The player has a severe allergy to milk protein and he began to suffocate, almost dying. Luckily his wife rescued him and took him to the hospital. Oak took on the supplement company to expose itself to the media and one even shut down and went out of business. He then continued his research and worked on supplements that had a real impact on humans. To date, they have continued non-stop testing of their products on VPX / Bang / Redline HQ.

Establishing a business

Jack Oak founded Vital Pharmaceuticals in 1993 at the age of 38. Oak worked hard for his goal. At one point, Bang’s CEO was even sleeping on an air mattress, which shows how hard he worked for them. Oook thought of “creating the highest quality nutritional supplement on the market supported by scientific research.”

He wanted to keep a subsidiary company that set high standards for production because he was “tired of the lies and deceptions that unscrupulous complementary firms are intentionally using to lure customers.” Owoc takes all this very seriously and wants to run Bang Energy like a pharmaceutical company and adhere to its standards. This is why VP (X) means vital pharmaceuticals where X looks less than VP as it appears in RX.

Due to the nutritional benefits and demands of Bank Energy, it has made the drink popular. Bang Energy also created VPX redlines that help reduce fat. It was available as Xtreme, RTD, and Redline Liquid Caps. Redline will stop selling RTDs in 2011 if Bang Energy is clearly more successful. Bang is now one of the top five most popular energy drink products in the United States.

Now, they make a variety of caffeinated and caffeine-free drinks, vitamins, pre-workouts, post-workouts and much more. They even have their own clothing line, including shoes and accessories.

Personal life

Jack Oak married Meg Liz Oak, senior director of marketing at Bang Energy. He even owns his own brand called Meg Liz Swim and Sportswear. He is the VP of Sales and Design at the company as well as its core brain. He has four daughters and one son. Its total value is estimated at about 4 124 million.

In 2020, the South Florida Business Journal Award claimed Bang Energy as the fastest growing company of the year. Oak is also very popular online with 1.1 million followers on Instagram. By 2020, Bang was the third highest-selling energy drink in the United States.


To date, the company has about 30 patents and 500 trademarks. As the CEO of Bang, Ook confirmed that drinks and supplements were also available at universities.

In April 2020, the bank entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with PepsiCo. But in October of the same year, the agreement was broken. The deal was canceled by Bang because Oak claims Pepsi was not up to their standards. Subsequently, Vital Pharmaceuticals sued Monster Beverages in April 2022 for trademark infringement. Monster had to pay $ 185 million in compensation and legal fees, with Vital selling 5% royalties from all Bang Energy drinks.

Despite these problems, Bang Energy is still extremely successful and has provided the best quality products for over 27 years.

A truly inspiring person who has seen a serious problem affecting millions of people and is looking for a way to help them overcome it. Despite being 61 years old, Bang’s CEO has a lot of energy and enthusiasm for the future, saying, “People, not products, will make us number one.”

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