When you acknowledge what you really want from life (and get it)

Decision making … that is the defining power of humanity. What is the purpose of your life?

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We can instinctively do more than just respond to life’s challenges. We can wait, decide what we want and act accordingly.

This ability empowers us beyond our wildest dreams and yet very few of us use it anywhere near full potential.

The purpose of life is hard to find

For that reason the decision even exists. If we were to live in a perfect world, we would not need to create them. We do not have to choose between sunlight and rainbows and the path of sorrow and torture. It will be a no-brainer and everyone will have a purpose in life.

Unfortunately for us, however, this world is imperfect. Good things are bad and bad things are good.

Most decisions are not easy to make. They accept a kind of sacrifice to get something considered higher value. If you want to get something good, you have to give up something.

If you decide to become a good athlete, you give up some of your leisure time, you give up some of your sleep, you give up comfort and replace it with pain.

But it is not in vain.

You will become stronger. You will become faster. You will have more mental strength.

Much of our life consists of indecision

Making a conscious decision means actively doing something different from what you do by default. It’s hard. That’s the opposite. That feels uncomfortable.

Even if we want to achieve something, we cannot see past the pain. We cannot always convince ourselves that what we want is worth what we have.

It happens on different levels every day of our lives.

Decisiveness is a product of “but”.

I want to meet that beautiful girl, but I can’t think of anything to say.

I want to have deep relationships with people in my life but I can’t open up to them.

I want to do a higher job in my company but I don’t think I am the strongest candidate.

We all have desires. We all want to be more. We all want to have more. We all want to find purpose in our lives.

But it is difficult.

We come up with stories for ourselves

We have come up with these stories for ourselves where we decide that we will follow what we want tomorrow.

It becomes “someday” after what we want.

It turns into telling ourselves that this is just some crazy vision that can never happen. We will tell ourselves that we are greedy and should be content with what we have.

It reassures us that “we are happy where we are.”

But you’re probably not buying it yet. Not all people actually think that way, I mean look at the spiritually enlightened monks. They are full of getting nothing.

They are examples of the real end goal: self growth.

It’s really about being a person who can talk to beautiful girls if they want to.

It’s really about being a person who can share deeply intimate details about yourself with the people they’re connected to.

It’s really about being the person who is able to do the most important work.

But how do you live the purpose?

The only way to change your life is to change the way you think about your decisions.

You will never be “ready” to meet that girl.

You will never be “ready” to be weak.

You will never be “ready” to go after that promotion.


The things you really want in life are awesome. If they don’t scare you, you have convinced yourself that you want less than you really want.

So if you really admit that you want these things, when it comes time to act on it, you are frozen. You can’t do that. You are not ready.

All you need is 5 minutes to get the right mindset. You just have to be in a good mood. You will need to read more books on this topic first.

Those who do amazing things realize that they will Always Need 5 more minutes. They will Always Must be in a good mood. They will Always Will read more about. Find your purpose in life.

But they act anyway.

It’s not about getting ready to achieve what you want, it’s about jumping.

Step 1: Decide what you want

This is the fun part. All you have to do is dream.

What do you want in life if you can get what you want in your heart without any effort.

Write it down. That makes it real. Thought power is strong, but less than a passing electric pulse, they are not real.

An idea can’t keep you warm on a cold night. An idea cannot save you from drowning. The step you take is really important because of your ideas.

When you write it you make it real. It now exists outside of your mind. It now exists in the real world.

Step 2: Find out why you want it

This part is also easy. Just be honest with yourself. Asking for something is not a bad thing. It’s part of being human.

Why would you want to talk to beautiful, amazing girls or boys?

– I’m attracted to them

– I want to be close to them

– I want to have a meaningful relationship with them

Why do you want to connect deeply with the people in your life?

– I highly value deep human relationships

– I want to make the most of my relationship

– I want to have a connection beyond what I’m doing now

Why do you want to get that good job?

– I want to get more money to pursue my interests

– I want more authority

– I want to challenge myself

Write down just three reasons why you want what you want.

Step 3: Make a plan to find out the purpose of your life

Make a plan for how you will start doing this next year.

What steps can you take next year to make this goal a reality?

– Read books on the subject

– Stay close to those who are good at doing it

– Just go do it and let it happen increasingly.

Make a list of what you will do next year.

Step 4: Jump off the hill

Do you have a list for next year?

What is the first step?

Do it today.

You won’t be more ready in a year. You just think you will be because when you imagine the situation, you imagine yourself ready.

That dream needs to be imagined. Without it you will never know what your goal is.

But that vision is not real. It’s imaginary. It’s helpful but it’s not true.

You will not be more prepared than you are today.

Greatness is doing something you don’t want to do because you want to get results.

Greatness is looking at the opportunity and not the pain ahead.

If this scares you, you’re on the right track.

“What you want is the other side of fear.”

You will never be ready, but if you wait, you may miss the purpose of your life.

But will you dare?

Yesterday you said tomorrow.

Ryan writes about funeral disruption and the search for an abandoned drainage tunnel Dopstock. It’s time to dump her and move on.

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