What really matters when you give a TED talk

It was this amazing feeling “NAAAAILED IIIT!” Achievement and perfection combined with thought.

The video was released on YouTube a few months later, and I did the thing where I exploded it on every one of my networks, telling people to watch, like and share. In about two days, the video received about 1,000 views. “Impressive,” I thought, “maybe I might be popular enough to show it on the TED website …”

Over the next few days, I got another ~ 500 views. I kept the video in my browser tab all the time, constantly refreshing to see the latest number.

But the numbers haven’t changed much since then, and Suddenly I felt like I was lost My search for featured on TED.com.

In a short time, Wave To get some out of my bucket list Was replaced by defeat Not seeing a view counter would be as I thought.

As of this writing, the video has been viewed 3,422 times.

About 2 years.

This is less than 150 views per month.

But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a great discussion.

Here’s the thing: I later realized that while keeping track of vision, I lost track of what was really important.

After the opinion turned into a plateau and I felt like I was ‘lost’, instead of feeling good about my speech, I felt like it wasn’t good enough.

Then one day I ran into a friend who thanked me for talking. He said he had something to keep himself from, but then he saw my video again and it inspired him to go ahead and do it.

I often receive emails from tribal members who subscribe to my newsletter who tell me that my speech helped them overcome their self-doubt, start something new and push other things into their action.

What is this? Actually important.

The TED tagline is, “Ideas that inspire,” But Inspiration doesn’t come with a view number attached to it. Hell, I could have gotten a million views, but it doesn’t make sense if one of those millions didn’t exploit the data.

The real value of giving TED Talk is having a platform to inspire someone. Anyone. You can aim to reach the masses, but you must first reach a critical mass. And In order to reach a critical mass, you must first exert a critical influence on a person.

Whether it’s a TED talk, a blog post, a podcast, or any number of outlets we choose to keep ourselves out of, it’s important Remember why we are doing this in the first place.

I may not be able to reach the thousands of views on the video, but the opportunity to talk to people and learn how I helped them in a special way, well, the point is cursed-That It all makes it worth it.

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