What is an .io domain and how to register an io domain name through SeekaHost.app?

Register the io domain

Registering a new domain with a suitable domain extension can be difficult. Domain registrars like SeekaHost.app offer hundreds of TLDs.

These TLDs represent a country, organization, commercial, technology, and more.

Of all the TLDs, the one that has gained popularity in the last few years is the .io extension.

It was originally meant to be a country-specific extension. So let us learn more about how to register with .io domain extension and SeekaHost.app SeekaPanel.

What is a .io domain?

The extension .io used for domain registration is a top-level country-specific domain. This is the first allocation British Indian Ocean Territory And regulated by the Internet Computer Bureau (ICB).

But since there is no legal permanent resident in the British Indian Ocean region, the domain extension is available to everyone.

You can register .io domains, but you cannot register second level domains like .com.io etc.

The name io implies a country-specific location for the Indian Ocean. But it can be attributed to input / output, which is a computer science term.

Why should you register a .io domain?

Just as mobile app companies register .app domains, .io can also be used for tech companies with .tech domains.

It can also be used as a domain hack to finish a domain name and complete the term.

You can see a complete list of registered .io domain names with detailed statistics here.

Some have cleverly used the .io domain extension, as Marco Rubio registered the rub.io domain during the 2016 election campaign. Other popular sites registered with the .io extension include opensea.io, metmask.io and many more.

A total of 207,123 domains are registered in the .io zone. Since the term originated as a country-specific extension, it can be compared to Australia (.au), United Arab Emirates (.uae), etc.

Moreover, if you can’t find a domain available with other extensions, .io may be the best in your mind.

Although .io extensions are expensive, unlike other extensions, it serves as a high recognition and a domain hack.

You can easily find a domain name in the .io zone because many domains are not registered

Now that you know a lot about .io domains let me show you the steps to register with SeekaHost.

How to register .io domain through SeekaHost.app?

See the official website of SeekaHost.app here: https://www.seekahost.app/

You can search for a domain name directly on the homepage. Just enter the domain name and click search. The system will search for domain availability and show you the results.

You can then add the domain to the cart and proceed with the signup.

Alternatively, you can sign up first and register your SeekaHost.app account.

Seekahost signup

Now that you are logged in to your SeekaHost dashboard, you can register your domain.

Go to Domains> Register Domain and enter the domain of your choice in the search box.

Here I am registering a domain for online cardio business. I wisely used the .io extension to finish the domain name Cardiostudio.

Yes, I did some research and tried a few names. After trying a few times, I found the domain name available.

Seekahost io Domain Search

Once the domain name is found, click Add to cart.

As I told you before, .io domains are a bit expensive.

For one year, the domain costs $ 78, but you can register for 2, 3 or more years and get a discount.

Click Checkout to complete the payment.

Seekahost io Add to cart

You can now select the Auto-Renew option. Also, you can add privacy protection at an additional cost of 4 per year.

You can continue shopping for more domains or just click Next.

Seekahost io domain shopping

Fill in the details and click Next for final payment.

Search personal details

You can pay by PayPal or credit card. Complete the payment, and you’ll receive an email confirmation of the domain you purchased.

Seekahost domain order

Going further, you can set up this domain with WordPress hosting or SEO hosting from Seekahost.app.

One important thing to do is to change the domain nameservers to the hosting nameservers. You can do this as easily as any other domain extension.


I hope this article was informative with clear steps for registering a .io domain at SeekaHost. You can register any domain or buy a hosting plan through SeekaPanel and manage all products.

Managing all products using a dashboard makes SeekaHost.app one of the best hosting companies.

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