What is a .tech domain and how to buy through SeekaHost.app?

Do you want to run a technology business online and find an attractive domain name? If you are lucky today I will show you how you can get your business online through a .tech domain extension.

You need a domain registrar to buy a .tech domain and what could be better than SeekaHost.

In this post, you will learn how to purchase .tech domains through SeekaHost.app Control Panel.

But before that, let’s share some tips to buy a good domain.

Tips for Buying a Tech Domain Name

  • Keep it short and clear. Don’t try to make it fun or irrelevant.
  • The domain name should be clear for your visitors to understand. This will help the visitors to search your website easily.
  • Try to find the right keyword so that your domain ranks well in Google.
  • Put a one-word or maximum two-word domain name.
  • Do not include any special characters or numbers.
  • For a technical business, your location or initials should not be used. Just choose a technical name. For example, it could be artificial intelligence, ecommerce, cyber security, gaming or any technology. The best example is the Viacom.tech domain.
  • Having a .tech domain can help you easily connect with the technology community
  • Registering .tech domains can be expensive due to their high demand. More technology companies are moving to .tech domains for their popularity, leaving you with fewer domain choices. But with SeekaHost.app, you can buy affordable .tech domains in minutes.

Why would you buy a .tech domain?

  • With the evolution of the Internet, many new TLDs are becoming available. Most common domain extensions such as .com, .net, etc. have become obsolete. This has led to new domain extensions including .tech, .me and many more
  • If you are a tech startup, you can impress your audience and clients with the crunchy tech domain name ending with the .tech extension.
  • You can easily connect with the audience because they will understand that your business is related to technology and has no entertainment.
  • You can easily find investors and increase your brand reach in the technology community.
  • With a .tech domain extension, everyone is eager to discover what’s inside It helps you build your brand, resonate with your identity, and let everyone know that technology is in your DNA.
  • Yes, of course, you will get organic searches because Google will recognize you as a technology brand Your domain name with the .tech extension adds the spark you need.

How to register .tech domain through SeekaHost.app Control Panel?

Below I show you the quick steps to buying a .tech domain name for your tech business.

First, go to the official SeekaHost.app domain on the web.

Seekahost domain homepage

In the search box, enter the domain name of your choice, saying “Find a domain for your website.”

Click Search, and immediately the system shows you the availability of the domain. You can find the same domain name with other extensions.

Add Seekahost to Tech Cart

The cost to register a .tech domain name at SeekaHost is $ 54 per year. If you are sure about purchasing a domain name, add it to cart.

Seekahost Tech Domain Search

You can see that the domain is available and added to your cart. Now you need to checkout and complete the domain purchase. Click Checkout, and sign up for SeekaHost for a new account.

Seekahost technology checkout

To register a new account, you must enter your email address.

Seekahost signup

Click Sign Up and fill in the required details.

You can now log in with your SeekaHost certificate and complete the payment.

Once logged in, you can see the price of the domain. You can opt for the auto-renewal option and additionally opt for contact privacy at $ 4 per year.

Buy Seekahost rvlife domain

Click Next and enter your personal details like name, address etc. Click Next to choose the preferred payment method.

Search personal details

You can choose either PayPal or a credit card for checkout.

Seekahost rvlife payment

Click on order now and complete the payment.

Seekahost domain order

You will receive an email confirmation to purchase your domain.

So, here is how you can register your .tech domain in SeekaHost.app Domain Manager.

Why buy a .tech domain name at SeekaHost.app?

SeekaHost.app is a domain finder and registration tool that helps users register a domain quickly and at the best possible price.

When you search for a .tech domain name, the system shows you related domain names with different extensions.

You can checkout with one click and complete the payment through SeekaPanel.

Registering a domain at SeekaHost.app gives you free SSL protection with one click

If you encounter any problems during domain registration, the support team can help you check out quickly.


With that, I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this post. I’m sure a .tech domain will help you grow your tech business.

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