What does it mean to be curious, not just?

Ted Lasso once said, “Be curious without judging.” What does this mean? What can we learn from this? Let’s try to answer this with a story.

The story

About two years ago, my friend Marcel Benson (Barry) wanted to start a watch company.

A lot of people probably thought it was a silly idea.

The watch? The world no longer needs a watch!

But that’s not what Barry thought. He loved watches. He was always fascinated by them. She had a complete collection, even as a child.

So he started working. And when he works, it works.

Increase kickstarter

He has raised over $ 12,000 with his Kicktarter, bootstrapped production and bankrolled himself.

Benson Watch was born.

Now, whenever I see her posts online, with pictures of the products she’s shipping – and all the happy people who believe the world needs more watches, I smile.

The motto of the Benson Watch is “Spend time that you love.”

But you just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

Barry started.

What will be the reason for not starting something tomorrow?

Will it be due to the fall in gold prices?

Will it be because global warming is heating it up terribly this summer?

Is it because your computer has a new virus that is causing Google Chrome to crash?

Oh, how inconvenient it is to start!

Being curious is not judicial

For beginners: What will cause you to start something tomorrow?

Will it be because you woke up in the middle of the night with an idea that you just couldn’t shake?

Was it a song, a painting, or a movie that reminded you of a concept you’ve long forgotten and are now playing?

Is it because you know that the amount of emails you can send, the reports you give or the meetings you attend can only make you feel a fraction of the perfect joy you feel as a result of just “doing your thing” – whatever it is Anyway?

I think you should start.

I think you should stop worrying about the reasons why it won’t work and focus on the reasons why it will.

You have an idea, why not try it? I mean, seriously.

I saw a great post on Reddit the other day. The question was, “How can I make a lot of money?”

Wrote some scrappy bootstrapers How a very detailed About how he made really good money using drones to survey the lands of various construction and industrial sites and provided pictures / videos to management for security purposes.

I thought it was a super creative idea. It was well laid out.

Was it a perfect plan? Of course not. There were possible hiccups. You have to get a specific permit for this. It will involve getting past some gatekeepers.

But this is not an impossible idea. Not a long shot. And it’s more creative than starting another social media management company.

Or cut the line.

Drones and permits all together will cost about $ 1,200. Other than that, there was literally no cost involved. And if that doesn’t work, you still have a sweet drone that shoots in 4k HD and has a pilot’s license.

This is certainly not the worst consequence of the world.

I’m sure you can guess what’s next.

Everyone has lost their minds

Everyone at REDDIT has lost their minds

Everyone in the comments section has torn this guy to pieces. They may have just stopped talking about how horrible the idea was, how clearly their reasoning was flawed, and how deceitful they were in general. Especially since he has included [GASP] A link to his website in the post.

Piece by piece. And it was Entrepreneur Subredit, where one would assume people are more open-minded!

One troll best describes it:

“Are people really that innocent? Oh yeah guys, I have an idea that makes me $ 500k a month. But I’ve been there and done so here’s all you have to do, just go to my website. Maybe this guy made 50k And maybe he didn’t. If he does it in the unlikely event, he rejects it and knows the business is dead. If something seems too good to be true, 99% of the time it happens. “

Does that sound like a “starter” attitude?

Where is the brave soul, my friends?

It’s easy to get caught up in the thousands of small details that will make things harder for you But being caught up in these details keeps you from seeing the big picture: almost anything is possible nowadays.

Down the walls. The door is open. You can tweet the President and he will hit you back.

You’re not always going to get everything you want.

But you can’t say you didn’t have a chance. Not now. Not in the era of facetime, automobiles and stem cells.

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

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