Under 30 CEO is an open letter to readers

Hey guys it’s Matt. I really want to write you an honest email about the future of Under30CEO …

As you may have noticed, our community has lost its luster. Once upon a time there was a vibrant community of young people trying to control our future which was slowly but surely declining.

Our attempt to move from some bloggers to a media company didn’t really work.

We launched two sites that failed: Under 30 Finance And Under 30 careers And we basically become a content farm. Finally, Google punished us because we had hundreds of guest contributors who were just contributing for linkback …

Our traffic has dropped from 500,000+ monthly uniques that were once proud.

In the meantime, I was delighted around the world to create our travel agency Under 30 Experience. Today, I’m typing this on my iPhone and writing to you in Costa Rica poolside …

But we forgot about you.

Reader. Who gave us the start in the first place. You rarely hear from us and probably think we are making money from this site in heaven …

But that screw.

Jared and I are 30 years old this year and we have to make a decision about this site.

We can only snatch money from advertising and publish the content of half a donkey … Or we can take this blog back and make it our own again.

And no media company is nonsense. An employed team of awesome young people who are looking for something more out of life.

We want to go back to our roots.

So we need your help … we need to know:

What do you want to do outside of life? What do you want to hear about? What makes you excited to read this site every day? What is your biggest challenge? What are you struggling with?

No more internship advice, no more “personal branding” tips, no more nonsense about how to find a business partner … We’ve published 100 articles on each of those topics.

We want to write things that you care about.

We want to take our community back.

This means personal writing of our employees. Content designed to engage you, inspire you, and inspire you to innovate. Things that other people are not talking about.

We want you to know and we want you to get to know us. That’s what the community is all about. We want to get personal.

Drop a comment And let us know what you would like to see from this site. We came down to start from scratch.

Thanks so much for the love and support.


PS If you haven’t read this interview with the Huffington Post, I’m talking about this kind of thing These reactions come from the heart.

Photo Credit: Courtney Slade

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