Top 8 ready to use chat API for ecommerce companies

Many websites, web apps, mobile apps and others in the market operate under the misconception that their products or services are able to attract users, but they stop thinking further. Users or consumers may have questions that need to be answered, especially on e-commerce sites where things seem complicated. Entrepreneurs should not ignore the fact that no user will sign up on any platform unless they provide 24/7 weekly customer service via chat or phone.

Compared to other types of online business, the need for an e-commerce site enables customer service representatives to assist customers with registration, ordering, delivery and other issues on the platform.

So, e-commerce sites need a reliable chat solution that can become an efficient means of communication between you and your users. You may have an alternative thought about asking your team to develop a chat solution, but are they experienced in creating the best chat solution that can compete with the most popular chat solutions on the market? Therefore, if you choose to develop your chat solution, it will be one of the reasons for losing users.

Below are some recommendations for a standard chat API for e-commerce business.

Troop Messenger

Troop MessengerWhich is known as an efficient On-premises chat It also provides the best chat APIs that can be seamlessly integrated. To emphasize, Troop Messenger is known to support all domains and can be used as an office chat app or a business chat app for everyday work. Troop Messenger’s Chat API and SDK are thus available to any domain.

Troop Messenger offers a variety of chat APIs, such as general-purpose chat and messaging APIs, customer support chat widgets, and more. The chat APIs of these tools are used by many businesses, including e-commerce sites such as B2C, C2C, B2B, and sooner.

Troop Messenger enhances the messaging experience by allowing you to set up any type of conversation. The best services are not just for e-commerce sites; These include dating sites, banking and fintech apps, health units, in-game chat, sales and support, and other businesses. Also, you have complete control over the user experience and scalability, which makes it ideal for your business. Troop Messenger works on the principle of providing a secure platform for people to communicate and is also a defense-proven tool that makes it one of the most secure chat options. As a result, you and your users can chat safely, and save data for easy recovery.

To create a controlled chat session with your customers, use Troop Messenger Extended Chat SDK documentation on your business-messaging platforms. It is a developer-friendly chat API that allows them to create simple and efficient in-app chat solutions using the app API.


  • One messaging after another
  • Group conversation
  • Forkout (bulk messaging)
  • Attachment
  • Reply and forward the message
  • Live location tracking
  • Audio and video messages
  • Delete, revoke, and edit
  • Typing indicators, etc.


With a 99.999 percent API uptime SLA, PubNub is a popular in-app chat API provider committed to performing conversations well, even in the face of increasing traffic and huge integration. With a wide range of scaling options, PubNub’s Chat API ensures user engagement and engagement.

Businesses can keep conversations spam-free and reduce customer service costs and ensure quality using the PubNub Instant Messaging API. Its in-app chat allows one-on-one, group and community conversations. What’s more, they provide UI elements ready to use to make chat programs look professional. Direct chats make it easier to communicate with each other, whereas group chats evoke a sense of community.


  • Chatbot device chat
  • Community chat stream
  • Geo / location tracking
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Private / group chat


Enablex is a leading provider of communication APIs like Chat API, Voice API, Video API and others. Their messaging SDK and chat APIs provide features that enable meaningful communication between devices and platforms. Enablex’s chat API is designed to be customized on the fly, including functionality, device compatibility, UI / UX and more. To protect every conversation access device, their platform is built with AES-based encryption, end-to-end encryption, and other security standards.

In addition, Enablex provides a developer-trusted, API-powered platform that allows you to quickly and easily produce production-ready live video, voice, and messaging applications in the programming language of your choice.


  • Chat status
  • Threaded conversation
  • Chat analysis
  • Multi-party chat
  • Mass notification


MirrorFly provides one of the most comprehensive in-app chat APIs and SDK solutions available. In detail, they provide modern online and mobile conversations with upgraded features. Also, the whole chat program can be customized with functionality, looks, themes and many more.

In fact, it helps you communicate with users in real-time by providing push notifications and keeping them engaged at all times. Various possibilities exist here, from update messages to conversation reminders.

End-to-end encryption, HIPAA compatibility and GDPR compliance allow you to build a secure communication infrastructure. The high-powered messaging API can connect millions of users and facilitate billions of chats.


  • Unlimited chat rooms
  • In-app chat
  • Secure file sharing
  • Language Translator API
  • Notification


Developers can be more productive using Sendbird’s Chat API, Voice API, Video API, Native Chat SDK, Featured Platform and Portable UI components. E-commerce sites can have a great advantage in creating an in-app chat where they can engage their users in real-time chat.

It has a powerful chat API that can help you increase customer engagement, increase revenue and deepen the conversation. In addition, it offers an uninterrupted ticket routing system and an easy-to-use dashboard, as well as in-app, live-chat support. In addition, it secures data via AES 256 end-to-end encryption, allows @ mention in conversations, offers worldwide language translation, and enables more than 1,000,000 synchronous connections per application and 500,000,000 messages per day.


  • Chat moderation
  • Pornography filter
  • Auto-thumbnail generator
  • Voice and Video API
  • Smart throttling


Apphitect’s configurable chat API allows zero downtime integration of communication channels across iOS, Android and web applications. In detail, the Apphitect platform includes video calling / conferencing, screen sharing and other virtual means of communication. Also, it’s a fully customizable API built with state-of-the-art technology like Apache Cassandra, Erlang, and Amazon Web Services.

Like any tool Apphitect also offers many features but offline messaging. This unique feature provides a great way to extend the reach of the app even when not connected to the Internet; The auto-sync feature shows each user’s activity in real-time, regardless of how many devices users use to sign in.


  • Social interaction
  • Private chat
  • Push notification
  • Geolocation tracking
  • Multimedia sharing

Comet chat

Cometchat is a prominent Colorado based chat SDK and messaging API provider that provides in-app chat solutions for small to large businesses. Within an existing app, it enables a completely intuitive chat experience. Its SDKs offer cross-platform, making it faster to optimize for a variety of devices. Also, end-to-end encryption ensures that all chats are secure and confidential, while other extensions make your chat functions easier.

CometChat provides SDK for popular technologies, such as Swift, Kotlin, React, React Native, PHP / Laravel and many more. Similarly, these are thoughtfully designed and rigorously tested.


  • Webhook
  • Read the index
  • Custom message
  • Video conference
  • One on one and group chat


Quickblox chat solution is suitable for a wide range of industries. For example, it is HIPAA-compliant, making it suitable for healthcare use. Also, it’s safe and fast, it’s ideal for financial and e-commerce apps and websites. Therefore, you can develop an efficient real-time messaging solution for your app.

With QuickBlox’s Real-Time Chat SDK and Chat API, you can create a sophisticated chat solution for your web and mobile apps. To create a fully immersed user experience, use advanced capabilities and combine them with voice and video calling or video conferencing options. It can be seamlessly hosted on-premises and in the cloud.


  • Push notification
  • Database
  • Screen sharing
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • One by one / group calling


Of course, we hope that these tools will help you with your API chat needs and that you’ve discovered a chat solution that best supports your business. However, keep in mind that when choosing a chat API for any tool, security is paramount because e-commerce operations involve commercial transactions, and the data must be secure.

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