The key to successful marketing – your call to action

The key to successful marketing comes down to this: your call to action. Here too many companies fail.

When you overwhelm people to do something, they like to do nothing.

And your sales are damaged.

This is why having a strong, clear, concise call to action is essential.

When your marketing is cluttered with information about what your offer is and all the ways to get it, it’s just human nature to be secure.

I saw a prime example of this the other day when I was walking through town and saw a marketing sign in the window of a local business. I must say, I was overwhelmed by the options they were giving me. Unfortunately, I wasn’t curious about their offer because I didn’t want to take the time to read and figure out what it was. (But I wanted to help them with messaging. Get different book drop offs!)

If you are confused, you lose.

Whether you want to get a sale or sign up, your instruction needs to be effective right now. You have to be very clear and very clear. If you are beautiful or overwhelmed with potential, you will only confuse them. As my friend Don Miller put it, “If you’re confused, you’ll lose.”

Marketing is every step you take to get your customer to make a purchase decision. Selling is the financial measure of their buying decision. So your short, singular, instruction will easily take them to the first step. After that first step, you can create the next steps from there.

Creating the best call-to-action sequence begins in the first step.

Make sure your first question, that first call to action, is a reasonable, safe move for them to increase your conversion rate.

Step 1 – Probably the first step is to get an email address to start communicating your offer. You may want to offer something useful to them which can solve a small problem now. Say a demo or FAQ.

Step 2 – Your second email may include an offer for a demo, learn more, or possibly a coupon for a product. See your deals here, don’t underestimate the value of your offer in trying to get new business. Remember, you want that big pumpkin plan client.

Step 3 – Now you can start promoting your big offers.

Now you are directing your prospects or clients and not overwhelming them. By leading them into a real, actionable sequence of bite-sized steps that people will actually be interested in taking, you will be able to more easily convert potential into clients.

One last note – when selling, keep in mind that you are serving. It’s not just about sales. It’s about getting your offer in the hands of people who need it, who will improve their lives and businesses. Always sell as honestly as you can.

You got this!



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