The easiest marketing hack

Q: Which word is guaranteed to get a person’s attention?

Answer: Their names.

Use your client’s name if you want to cut down on marketing barrage noise there. Immediately, your communication is unique and friendly.

Check out the amount of baby name books and websites out there – people take great care in naming our people! We respond much better than any awkward, “er, uhm” filler we can use.

Marketing, selling, serving – it’s all about establishing a relationship. When we communicate with our clients and customers, it is incredibly important to connect with them and make them feel that they are not essential. Using their names will immediately grab their attention, and create opportunities to connect directly from the bat.

What exactly about the name, anyway?

  • Names are unique identifiers. Everyone answers their names. We are instinctively conditioned to pay attention. It illuminates that part of our brain and asks us for a specific response.
  • Using names builds trust and loyalty – at the very least, lets the person know that you are paying attention and they will assume you are paying attention to their challenges, wants and needs.
  • You build a personal relationship. Using someone’s name feels legitimate in their conversation and they are getting personal attention.
  • A Friendly Warning – It can be weird to use someone’s name too much. If someone talks to me and keeps repeating my name, I think they are becoming weird or reprehensible. Lots of open and closed conversations with names.

This may seem like a small description, but try to use people’s names more often and see what the response is. I bet they will feel more comfortable with you and have a conversation after that.



The easiest marketing hack post first appeared Mike Michalowicz.

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