The best way to request a review

When you are considering a purchase, which of the first things do you check? Buyer reviews!

Customer reviews have the power to make or break your small business. That’s why it’s best to have a Starler system to request reviews from your community.

How do you request a customer review for your business? Before you ask people for their opinion about your offer, I want you to be intent on how you communicate your request, as this will make all the difference in terms of your customer experience and potential feedback.

I recently received a letter from a toner company from which I made a purchase It was a great example of being different with marketing and I appreciate it. It was enjoyable enough and I certainly didn’t expect a letter. Overall, I gave it four out of five stars, but there were a few supervisions that really made me think about how we as a small business could turn this kind of communication into something mutually beneficial.

The beginning of the letter was a bit of a whitewash that they said they hoped everything was going well, without some chance to get there. Although they did it later, by then I was a bit isolated.

Then they went straight to ask me something, which was customer reviews. Hey man. I just bought toner, are you expecting anything from me now? And, they asked me for four or five star customer reviews. Kind of arrogant.

And then … not here: they offered me an Amazon gift card for superior review. I could see the stars that I had suggested disappear. I am also convinced that this is not an approved practice. Eventually, the letter was signed off by the marketing team. It doesn’t shout, “We care about your consumer experience!”.

Still, I smiled when I received the letter and I kept an honest customer review. It was also a great exercise for me and I reviewed the importance of how I was requesting a review. Some suggestions when requesting a review.

  1. Ask your customer to send you an email or send them a follow up letter or email. A thank you note for a purchase, if unexpected and sounded correctly, can have a big impact.
  2. Make sure you address the customer first and make sure you meet their expectations. Ask about their consumer experience and if there is anything you can do better.
  3. If you have any additional resources or guides related to your business that may benefit your customers, include those links or tips in the letter so that they can get something for free.
  4. Then, and only then, you can ask for some of them, such as a review. When requesting a review, be sure not to ask for a four or five star customer review. Ask for an honest opinion so that you are not trying to manipulate them by licensing them on their own experience. Also, be clear about your purpose. Let people know that the best way for clients to discover you is to do a review, and selfishly it helps you as well as potential clients. Of course, don’t forget to let them know how much you appreciate the time they can take.
  5. Give an “out”. Saying that there is no pressure to post a quick review, you really appreciate their patronage and look forward to serving them in the best way possible in the future.
  6. Sign off from the small business owner or customer care team. The letter should open with concern for customer service and end with that note.

In the end, we know we can’t make everyone happy. Not everyone is going to like your email requests, letters or emails sent to them. All right. You will have a positive group of customers who see the value of what you offer and want other people to benefit from it.

You stay authentic. It serves your community the most and gets the best customer reviews

I wish you big, big success.


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