Set up an authentic workplace and give your business – and morale, a boost

Recently, I was asked in an interview what my favorite business quote is. Immediately, it came to my mind:

“Be yourself, everyone else has already been taken.” – Oscar Wilde.

Hands down, this is my favorite quote. It hangs in my office so has a constant visual and it bases my mentality.

“Okay, Mike, but how does that apply to my business?”

The idea of ​​being true to oneself is not groundbreaking. But, it is universally applicable, and your business can be groundbreaking if you work honestly in your company. To me, the old way of thinking is that in business, you must play a role and leave who you are instinctively at the door. The result is that employees spend an incredible amount of energy playing a role in their careers. From calculated conversations and body language, to part dress, to acting out our own character, how do we know when we’re going to be professional, or not ourselves?

As I think about the creation elements of The Great Regression, I feel that the personality that some employees wear is work anxiety, fatigue, dysfunction, and detrimental to employee health and well-being.

Not surprisingly, research has shown that when we hide our true identities, our professional performance is damaged. Anxiety about work increases and fear of justice can lead to career stagnation. Let’s face it – we don’t give our best when we’re worried.

This is when we try to meet the expectations of others as opposed to our own expectations that we are compromising. The awful thing about fitting is that you (maybe) can like everyone – except you. And if you don’t really like yourself, you can’t really serve others.

My main point? That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. That’s when we excel. A good leader knows that creating an authentic work environment is crucial for a healthy business.

This is all great, isn’t it? Now how do you implement it in your business? Guess what? Creating an authentic work environment depends on leadership (is that you?).


  1. It is a matter of faith. Being honest in the workplace shows others that you can be trusted. If you are the leader of your team, walk to encourage others to follow their pure nature. Where there is a higher level of confidence, there is more employee loyalty and loyalty, which leads to greater productivity.
  2. Goodbye burnout. When employees don’t feel like they have to forge it until they make it, they are under less pressure and employee satisfaction increases.
  3. Possibility unlock. When your team feels comfortable with themselves, they take more risks, are more creative, talk and are more empowered to find solutions.
  4. The brain is more powerful. Numerous perspectives create good ideas.
  5. No more blues on Monday. Your employees can tell others how great their workplace is because the rock of authentic company culture. Everyone feels more comfortable.


  1. It starts with you. You set the tune. Be sincere in encouraging your team to feel comfortable by creating examples of what you want. Share a story about yourself and show your personal strength, so that your team does the same without fear of being fired.
  2. Role alignment. The job description is great and all, but if someone brings you valuable skills that benefit your company, for the love of all sacred things, please create or adjust a role to suit those talents. When your employees are rich, so is your business.
  3. Increase staff engagement. The type of company you run will determine if you can personally hold meetings, lunches, and the like. Since we work on a hybrid model here, we have a “morning huddle” with big goals for the day and a personal update.

The key to recognizing leaders is that if you want to improve your business, you must nurture a sense of well-being and kinship with your employees.

I look forward to witnessing a huge change in leadership. You hired people. Lead like one.


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