Reach your goal in small steps

When we set our goals for business success, it’s about making a great transformation.

Sometimes your business goals seem overwhelming. So what do you do

Nothing. Or you can start and then stop your progress.

This is normal.

Although those business goals still hang in the balance. Maybe you have analyzed and paralyzed. Maybe your goal just seems too big. Maybe, like most of us, you expect immediate results.

Momentum begins with a small step. When we are cruising we want to reach our business goals in the fastest way. However, it is consistent, small steps that are most effective in helping you realize your dreams. You just have to practice a little patience (okay, a lot).

I know I know. This was not the overnight formula you expected.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

“But but!” Don’t resist small steps. You just want results. Now. I get it. But what I do do is limit my scope of goals. Instead of setting a high goal, I set small achievements to create a “big goal”. Say I want to write a chapter, for example. If I try to write a chapter at once, it will not happen, I will feel frustrated and probably delayed. Conversely, what if I set a small daily or weekly goal that I can commit to, say, write a hundred words? It is possible. I can write more than that.

Make a plan and track it. When you create your business goals, map out those small goals that will give you a clear, successful path. Remember – small steps make continuity equal to continuity. Continuity equals progress. Progress equals speed. You know the rest.

There are short deadlines. Short enough that you can work towards your goal without delay. When we set a goal for the foreseeable future, we cannot prioritize it. But if you create a daily or weekly routine that achieves a small goal, you will keep pace.

You can achieve any goal you want. Choose a very small step that you can perform consistently and you will see transformative results.

What baby steps can you take toward one of your business goals today? (Yes, choose one).

My challenge for you today is to pick a business goal that may seem overwhelming and take five minutes to outline how you will achieve it in smaller, more frequent steps.

I can’t wait to hear what you’ve done.



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