Quick pro-tip for getting a lot of reading done very quickly

Quick pro-tip to start your week off productive.

Here’s how you can do a lot of reading very quickly:

Buy both regular books (hardcover or paperback) then get the Audible Unbridged Audio version and crank up to 2x or even 2.5x speed.

Follow along the sound with your finger or a pen. You get all the information without missing a beat because it’s like feeding your brain – and you’ll finish the book in half or less.

I usually start with 1.5x for a few chapters to train my mind and eyes to move faster.

It’s like using a treadmill. Start slowly, slow down slowly, then “sprint”. I’ll do 15 minute sessions at a very fast pace, then slow down for a while to give myself a cognitive break before returning to it.

This is especially useful for those times when you only need to “get through” a book because it contains important information, such as business / marketing / finance books. That’s how I got through Tony Robbins ’new behemoth in 3 days!

Another side effect is that it makes you pay more attention to what is being said because you are using not just one, but two senses (sight and sound) that you are absorbing the material as you follow. There is no place for confusion!

Give it a try and let me know how it works for you!

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