Pitching Part 2! How to be confident!

I really like to show by example instead of saying X and X and you will win. I like to provide some background. When you tell someone to do something, 50/50 they will do it. When you give people a compelling reason Why They should do it, 100% they will.

Gaining confidence and overcoming pitch worries seems to be my answer in this post. How do I get over being nervous? Or how can I give a pitch that I am not nervous? The fact is that there is always that anxiety and nervousness. Even famous artists have concerns. Heart pounding, adrenaline rushing, anxiety taking over as they walk to perform on stage … I’m no pitch expert, but I know a bit and am constantly working on it. Writing about it helps me improve in those areas while trying to help you! The reason that such social things can frighten us is based on social pressure and not enough exposure to it. What if they laugh at me? What if I get restless on my word? What if they laugh at me more? What do people think of me? “I’m predicting it’s going to get worse, I shouldn’t do it.” “It’s not normal for anyone to do that.” “I wasn’t born with enough confidence like other people.” The list of excuses continues. And your brain is great at presenting lots of excuses for choosing you. Um, of course, yes, I know this, why it’s something known in advance. Perfect, I’ll choose “I’ll forget what I was pitching.” Perfect, I don’t have to pitch now! You do this because in cave human days, this fear will prevent you from doing something that will kill you. But all you have to do is talk to a group of people, or go to the beautiful girl you want to talk to. Think about it, when you give to charity, do you ever think, “What if they reject my gift? What if they laugh at me for not giving enough? What if people see me doing charity? “Of course not.

Overcoming pitch anxiety, or approach anxiety can certainly be achieved through practice. The more you do it, the less nervous you will feel and the more confident you will be with it. Another thing I’ve done is be stupid. I went to the Apple Store and said, “I’m sorry, I want to buy an iPad 3.” And the guy was “We don’t have an iPad 3” so my response was “Oh, you’re sold out?” When I went to the gym I said to the guy at the desk “Hey man, I don’t want to be offended” I gave him $ 2 and continued “But I’m going to buy a Gatorade.” If you can break your comfort zone, do it. Keep pushing yourself. Impractical clowns are the best!

It’s okay to take baby steps. If you push yourself into something that scares you so fast you will never want to do it again. The problem is you are in a very shy or not out going mode, so you see yourself in this mode through the lens trying to stay in confidence mode and trying to fail. You have to be shy, be less shy, not so shy, okay, be happy, be more confident, be a little more confident, be confident, be overconfident. Anxiety can also occur when you are in mode 1 and want to be in 50 mode immediately. Go slowly from mode 1 – 50. Start by pitching to yourself, then pitch to one..then pitch to two people, then pitch. Three, then four, then five, then six, then go talk to strangers on the street. Do it a lot! Then the pitch on the stage, then the pitch on the stage again, and so on and so forth. Anxiety can be something that never goes away. But you can reduce it. You ask for feedback per single time per pitch.

And always implement the best response. You always learn the best from your failures. You also have to change your mindset while pitching. You may think “I need to sell it or people will think I’m a failure”, or “I’m better off not being confused and stupid”… You have to tell yourself, “These people will like to hear about my journey” Have a great time listening to business “or” Everyone gets a great smile I can’t wait to entertain them! ” You Of course Change your mindset because your will power will only be very strong. Cut out fake things, it’s okay to be vulnerable. And if anything, point to the house elephant, “Okay, this is my first pitch, empty with me with the boys!” It will definitely lighten the mood and you will feel less pressure to be perfect!

Confidence is neither genetic nor hereditary. Anyone Can become confident.

Stephen M. Levinson

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