Perfect morning, more productive day and 3 steps for a happier life

The day starts as soon as you go to sleep. If success is trackable, look no further than the night before. To wake up early, you need to purposefully create a stage for success by designing a bedtime event for yourself.

In my case, it involves a few things every night:

1. There is no technology. I try my best to ban the screen (TV, computer, phone) 60-90 minutes before bedtime. Blue light will affect your melatonin production and sleep type / quality

2. Physical conduct. I tell my body to go to bed 30 minutes before bed with some stretching / deep breathing / meditation. When I had a particularly hard day, I could also take a melatonin. It will knock you out!

3. Track it! I track my sleep with a Fitbit so I can purposefully see how much rest I get and stay in my “sweet spot”, which is 6.5-7 hours per night. If you don’t use a Fitbit to track your sleep, you should. They come with a great silent alarm that wakes you up without sound!

These three things alone make it Way Easier for you to slip and sleep through the night, gives you more time in REM and lets you rest / wake up fresh.


Now this difficult part are you ready?

I challenge you to go to bed at least an hour before you get used to it. For me, that means I’m in bed around 9:30.

Most people try to “brute force” to get up early, when the key is to go to bed at the right time, keeping a routine.

With all of this, you can wake up at least an hour or two earlier than usual and get more work done during your day, with the added bonus of clarity and focus from a good night’s rest and deep sleep.

There are many benefits to waking up before you get used to it… and over time, as they combine, you’ll see results start to increase like crazy. It’s really a surreal feeling to do more before 8am than most people do all day.

What can I do?

Typically, I get up at 4:30 in the morning (first alarm, no snooze) and want to do the following before 8 am:

  • .30 minutes of writing / creative work.
  • 30 minutes of reading / learning (I’m really into audiobooks right now – makes the cost easier).
  • 10-30 minutes of focused meditation (I recommend the Headspace app).
  • Physical activity (a brisk cycling, jug, gym or jiu jitsu).
  • About 60 minutes work (client staff, website staff, product staff).

The goal is to do all the “heavy lifting” that requires willpower The first thing AM, so the rest of the day can be spent responding to the inevitable calls of others.

Over time, that is likely to change A lot A more peaceful working day with more productive levels than you can even imagine!

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