New changes in front of the Under30CEO community

Hey guys, this is the deal … I’m going to get things started by sending you an update on what’s happening in the Under30CEO community.

Today, I’m sitting in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica where this place feels a lot like home. Since November, we’ve brought 10+ groups to Central America for our New Costa Rica trip to the Rainforest and Nicaragua and Belize.

Do not exploit the view. Here’s a picture of last night’s sunset …

But … our crash pad can work. Jared is devastated with Courtney and me here.

Jared is sleeping here …

Jared, I love you, but there are three more in this apartment.

BTW, moving to Jared Austin, he has just returned to New York to pack his car to go to SXSW.

So you probably heard, we want to relaunch Under30CEO.

You can read the details here, but our site will breathe new life. It’s been auto-pilot for years now… and we’ve forgotten about our readers who gave us this wonderful way of life.

Honestly, creating a “media company” was a lot of work. Jared and I are getting old. We are 30 years old this year !! (What if you’re 30 ?!) Honestly I can’t wait for this to happen so we don’t have to hear it anymore.

We’ve published 4,000 pieces of content on this site, and we’re tired of seeing it. We don’t want to reveal the same old thing about internships, finding a mentor, expanding your social media game, or what to do if you knock up one of your best employees… everything has been said.

We want to get this blog back to its roots.

A couple of guys with a kick ass blog. Written for those who have read.

We make a lot of money from Google traffic and spend 99% of our time on our travel company Under30Experience.

We are trying to increase the U30X from 15 trips in 2014 to 50 trips in 2015 while maintaining the spirit of our boutique community. We have a really great thing going on and this is the place to be if you ever want to meet us in person.

We’ve just started our first multi-country trip … this Thanksgiving extends 13 days off from just 5 days off work. Those of you who are dying to take a long trip and not burn all your holidays, you should travel with us to Central America.

So, as I said, we’re busy. But in a great way. Like I’m trying to surf this afternoon …

Finally, I would like to introduce Daniel DiPiazar to those of you who do not know him. He wrote classics on Under30CEO such as how he made $ 23,700 on Elance in 4 weeks or an open letter for frustrated 20somethings and we are taking responsibility for reviving this blog.

Here is what happened when Daniel tried to speak Spanish on our trip to Nicaragua. He ordered “Trace Taco” and finished with 3 plates of Taco.

The good thing is Daniel is usually quite jacked up and hungry.

If you haven’t read Daniel’s site Rich20Something, you should check it out. As he said, he wanted to start a site to take down and destroy the Under30CEO and then he found out that we are very nice … Welcome to Team Danielle!

Okay, okay it will be wrapped up for this week. I would also like to thank our editor Cara Murphy and all our guest contributors over the years. We wouldn’t be anywhere without you, your content and the feelings of your community.

As always, leave a comment to let us know what you think of the new tone and let us know what you want to read! We are going to write to you in the hope of building a real relationship.

And we promise a lot of practical things that will help you.

This blog is for you.

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