Never work around the clock again

Inside Clockwork, I’m explaining the need to take a four-week vacation – completely unplugged from the business so you can see if the business will survive without you.

Have you taken four weeks off yet?

I know, at first, it sounds impossible.

I’m not here to tell you. It’s been almost two years Clockwise Came out and many of you told me that you took your 4 weeks off. You told me how it revived you, as well as your business. Not only have thousands of small business owners implemented this habit, but we are all walking into our offices.

As I write this, Kelsey, our president, has just returned from her four-week vacation, Jenna has just left for her, and Amy is tidying up her family. The rest of the team members have their four-week vacation mapped for the rest of the year.

The absence of team members, and you, is the ultimate litmus test for your business.

You might think that now is not the time – that’s why it’s time. If you feel that you cannot afford a vacation, even a place to stay, then your company should be ready to start now. Here are some simple steps our office can take:

Build your system – Amy continues to work tirelessly to create system documents and platforms so that each team member can add their projects in a place accessible to everyone in the company. Each employee recorded a loom video with instructions on how to complete each task.

Here’s how: Here’s what Amy did:

He has created a system document template with employee names, projects, objectives, contacts, website and site links, recorded training, and screenshots.

The staff then fills out the forms and sends them to Amy. In the meantime, they should create a loom video, the necessary folder location and screenshots, and add those links and files to the template.

Platform: Then, Amy uploads and organizes the systems on Mondays and HelpScout. So, if say, Amy was out, and someone needed to talk to her about a book derivative, an employee could access her process and meet up for her without any problems.

If you need some guidance on the platforms, we use Google Drive, Loom, Helpscout, Tango and Monday to manage our systems and projects.

Our company is now set up so that if someone goes out unexpectedly, things will go smoothly and our skills and profits will not be harmed.

However, we miss each other when the bands are not together. We are such friends.

Remember, efficiency is not about working around the clock. It’s about hard work, not hard. And, it’s about creating a business that can live without you. If you’re “in” your business at every moment, you’ll never get a chance to see the inefficiency and lynching pin that exists. Moving away will stretch them and give you a chance to improve.

Now – go enjoy your summer.

You got this!


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