Meet Roman Taranov – the 28-year-old founder of the wellness platform Saksham

Roman Taranov is a 28-year-old entrepreneur and founder of wellness platform Able – also known as ‘Uber of the Wellness World’ – which helps people connect with health trainers to reach their health and wellness goals.

From humble beginnings to CEOs

Roman grew up in a family with limited resources in Ukraine. He founded his first company at the age of 20, managing 200 remote employees worldwide. For the Romans it was a steep learning curve, and what he referred to as his ‘MBA’ education.

Roman Able was founded in 2018, with a mission to make health and wellness more accessible to all. He now manages a 100% remote team consisting of experts from around the world and supports a flexible work culture.

80% of American diets fail long term

About 45 million Americans diet every year, spending $ 33 billion annually on weight loss products, yet about 80% fail to keep their weight down in the long run.

Roman came up with a solution to match people with a health trainer and founded Able, which creates a personalized picture of health that looks at sleep, stress and diet, to help people lose weight overall.

Personal weight cheerleader in your pocket

Competent users are offered a personalized plan for sustainable weight loss, to be healthy and to live long. Since its launch, Able has collected more than 140k downloads and has already helped 21,433 women in their 30s successfully lose weight by changing their habits and behaviors – not through restricted dieting.

“Every second person in the United States wanted to lose weight in 2021, but strategies like regular dieting and calorie restriction create yo-yo effects and don’t solve the problem because most people will gain weight after a few months of limited dieting,” Roman said. Was to hyper-personalize our offer and bring it back to the table of human interaction with real people.

“By offering a Hyper Personalized Human Coach as part of Able’s unlimited features, it will support our users 100%. A chat bot may not encourage anyone to get off the couch and go to workout, or take down a donut and stick to their healthy and nutritious eating plan – but a human trainer can do it and it has already enabled thousands of people to reach their long-term goals. To help This is the future of the DG-Wellness sphere. “

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