Matt Wilson is dreaming big

Design your life: 15 things over the next 15 years

This week’s inspiration comes to you: Matt Wilson, co-founder of Inspire people to go out and live the dream.

Business ventures: I want to host a TV show. Highlight the great entrepreneurs “Living the Dream”, MTV Cribs style. Hang for a day with someone like Jack Burton, founder of Burton Snowboard?

Humanity: Under30CEO needs a nonprofit hand. I would like to work with the Fresh Air Fund and get entrepreneurial courses at their inner city summer camp.

Toys: 50 ‘Post Sportsfisher. Keep it at home for summer, BVI in winter. I grew up around the boat, I wanted it from the age of 8 or 9.

Accommodation: Some strange, with a great view, Martha’s vineyard will work beautifully. Just a place to relax. I’m not a materialist, it doesn’t have to be big — I’ll probably sleep in a boat.

Hobby : Telemark Skiing – Ski on all 7 continents: When all the snow in Africa melts I will climb Mount Kilimanjaro first.

Adventure: Amazon Jungle Travel. I have visited mountains, deserts, oceans and most of the things in it but never in the jungle.

Round: Cover Entrepreneur Magazine. 25 under the top 25 would be good.

Experience: Green Bay Packers Home Game. My father and grandfather both gave me shares of their Green Bay Packers. I have to go to Lambou Field and experience the history of small town America.

Dreams: Downhill Mountain Biking Below South Africa’s Volcanoes.

Professional goals: I need to go to a keynote speaker from the “Opening Act”. I would like to be listed in a speaker’s bureau.

Lifestyle: Personal Assistant. Sounds arrogant, but why don’t you pay someone to handle your headache? Time is the most precious resource in the world, why spend it without hating it ?!

Skills: I have enough of my other goals for skiing and mountain biking, but my surf skills need some work. How about Hawaii Surf Camp?

Round: Stay on top of my game every day. Life is supposed to be an upward spiral, not a slow death – I want every part of my life to continue to improve until the day I die.

Cultural challenges: Reside outside the United States for an extended period of time. I’ll try the South Pacific.

The real purpose: Change the world. Over the next 15 years, I want to leave a legacy where people can say, “Matt Wilson, he did his part to make the world a better place.”

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