Learned 10 humility lessons after advising 1,200 entrepreneurs

Four years ago my life took a turn for the worse.

I have invited 88 entrepreneurs to create a software business at the Foundation. They came with no idea, limited cash, and no experience of software.

I wanted to prove the impossible.

I wanted to prove that anyone could start a software business when they had nothing.

We did it. It worked.

We had a number of graduation success stories from the first program. So we did it again, again, and again.

To date, our program has more than 1,200 entrepreneurs and it is humble. I have the privilege of watching people chase and create freedom.

After the first group of 88 entrepreneurs, I wrote an article on the 10 lessons I learned. And now after advising 1,200 people … I’d like to update that list.

1. Promise is the greatest source of freedom.

Promise is freedom. Only orderly people are free. The students I worked with who had only 90% or even 99% commitment were killed. They slowly die in a painful death. Why? Because when you don’t have a full, 100% commitment, your mind keeps shaking again and again. All that wasted energy is exhausting. If you are not fully committed, you spend more time arguing in your mind than accepting them – and make things happen. The simple task of creating a complete commitment separates people who get what they want and those who don’t.

2. Unconscious unprocessed emotions isolate entrepreneurs.

How do you act when you feel panic, fear or uncertainty? Most do not know how. If you don’t have the tools to calm down fear – and live with the paralyzing uncertainty that comes with entrepreneurship, you’ll fight an elephant in the power of a rat. Emotions isolate our students. This is why we have created the most sophisticated mental liberation tools in our case.

3. There is no one best way to succeed.

Our top students take what we teach and make it their own. They do this by transforming our structure to suit their personality. Once they do this, they find alignment and begin to see success more easily. This commitment to action – and to match the system to their style – is crucial for the students we see to be entrepreneurs.

4. The “best path” for people is shown along the way.

The best path to success is shown to our students when they are on the road, not when they are sitting, planning or reading books. After 5, 6, or 7 actions you can see that the students are finding their flow. Strictly sticking through the first few steps that separates them from those without the right to freedom.

5. The gold is hidden and the promise is shown only after the test.

Have you heard of the book Three Feet from Gold? This is the story of an entrepreneur who was just three feet away from millions of gold when he sold his rights in the mountains. He gave up before finding the big one. I find that the students who stick to it find the gold, when the unexpected hull leaves and leaves without anything.

6. There are profit pockets and business ideas everywhere.

Profit Pocket is an open space where money is easily available. I am constantly excited about how many business ideas are being developed by our students. They show that in just one niche, you can find more than a dozen different business ideas waiting to be created. And the customers of that niche are asking for your help. All you have to do is find them, talk to them and create the product they want.

7. Learning how to sell # 1, you can’t go near it.

No matter how creative a student may be to avoid selling, they will not succeed if they do not learn to sell. Learning how to sell is the greatest start to business freedom. Our students have learned how to sell with respect, grace and without pressure. At Foundation, we believe sales are great. We do not allow students to create a product until they have the first few sales.

8. Money is attracted to speed.

The faster (and more reckless) your work starts, the faster money will be attracted to you. Slow action is death. Take action when in doubt. Take action when you feel uncertain. Take action when you feel scared. All this is possible with the right tools and support. It’s critical.

9. Successful entrepreneurs are obsessed with the process.

Our students who have the most freedom are obsessed with the day-to-day process of entrepreneurship. Every other day they enjoy the entrepreneurial process. There is no “end” in mind. There is no “get” anywhere. Just promise every day. Once you know the daily steps, it’s just a matter of implementing them.

10. Dreams and desires are sacred. They are easily destroyed by internal self-talk and internal ghosts.

The dreams and aspirations of a student in the early stages are very sacred. These can easily be stolen or taken away through critical self-discussion. What are the obstacles to a student’s success? Their internal hangout. Once we fix their minds, and their self-expression, of course, the rest falls into place. The biggest killer of our dreams and aspirations … our own internal critics.

In the end, if you ever decide to embark on an entrepreneurial journey, I appreciate you. This is a great journey. Where freedom is guaranteed, when you are committed. I will sign up for that challenge every day.

Dan Maxwell is a partner at The Foundation-Learn How to start a recurring revenue software business When you have no experience with software. So far their program has more than 1,200 students. Dan is a serial entrepreneur in multiple software companies.

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