Learn to build a life, not a biography, with Jason Watchbow of Mindbodygreen

Jason Watchb(Jason Watchb) Co-founder and CEO of Mindbodygreen is an independent media brand with over 10 million unique monthly visitors, 30+ employees. Mindbodygreen is one of the leading lifestyle media brands dedicated to and featured in fitness. New York Times, Entrepreneur, Fast CompanyAnd Enjoy

Jason is the author of a new book, Wealth: How I Learned to Build a Life, Not a Resume. Wealth is a new and more valuable currency of life: an example of abundance, happiness, purpose, health and happiness.

A former Wall Street businessman became a yogi and talked about the 39 things I learned in his 39 years of life, how to stop the practice of violence and what it feels like to see your mind and body as a whole.

We’ve also covered some of the most advanced scientific discoveries that are guaranteed to help your performance, including neuroplasticity, intestinal micro-biome, epigenetic and telomeres.

Did you know that you can actually rejuvenate your brain, change your genes, or have millions of germs in your stomach that affect your mind? Also, Jason has dropped some amazing tips on achieving balance and why it would be okay to eat gluten (sometimes). Listen below:

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