Kani gave me the green light

Recently, I had the opportunity to join a Veterans Recruitment Training Program. The Coalition for Government Procurement presents the event. The primary purpose of the event was to share experienced recruitment strategies with recruitment managers and employment employers. A significant number of notable companies were represented at the event: such as General Dynamics, Harris Corporation, etc. There I was – with my Nikon D3200 and my Apple notebook.Lt. Notice my strategic and completely necessary use of the French language here IPad mini).

Side note: You are probably wondering how a Veterans Recruitment Training Program relates to entrepreneurship. Allow me to provide you with a quick return brief.

A few weeks ago, I reached out to the CEO of a company called Women Veterans Interactive (WVI). I wanted his mentorship. Last fall, I had the opportunity to attend one of her events: 2014 Women Veterans and Women in the Military Extravaganza. As an active duty soldier, I have found that attending conferences and events aimed at past and present military service members is very beneficial to my personal and professional endeavors. Anyway – I was able to connect with different professionals, and I gained a lot of insight from his event. I have always been fascinated by professionals who demonstrate the ability to successfully host an event and bring together a cohesive group of people. Ginger Miller, CEO of WVI, has the aforementioned skills.

Side note: Is the mysterious connection still made? If not, Mentor Ginger has invited me to attend a Veterans Recruitment Training event. Boom

Now, hold my hand as we embark on the journey The same Next to the Venn diagram.

Survival. “In order to survive, we all need the skills we need to constantly innovate.”Crazy is a compliment: The power of jigging when everyone else wakes up By Linda Rottenberg

I am naturally a creative person; I enjoy problem solving, and I’m addicted to sleep deprivation and coffee. Pretty Girl Movement, LLC. It took me to a much bigger concept than fitness and clothing: Industry. I started the Pretty Girl Movement as a fitness enthusiast who wanted to make a positive contribution to society. It was my desire to build a community with a foundation based entirely on positive energy. I had no idea that in six months I would be the CEO of Pretty Girl Movement, LLC. And the founder of the Indigenous Complex. It didn’t take me long to realize that I had a passion for what I was doing and that I wanted to be able to continue. In addition, I have been able to discover that the only way to patiently move towards saturation and competition in a field is to improve my ability to practice innovative ventures. I didn’t contact Ginger Miller because I thought she would help me sell hats and T-shirts. I followed his mentorship because I knew he would trigger my innovative venture. He will play a major role in ensuring that my mind and vision expand; I am tired of thinking of nurturing a stagnant, dormant, lazy mind.

If we do not look different, we will spend our lives looking at the same thing.

[1] Passion is listed on Entreprenuer.com 7 Features of Successful Entrepreneurs. Look at this. This is a cool article.

Adaptability. “An unwavering commitment to an idea is, in my opinion, cryptocurrency to an entrepreneur.” [2]

Adaptability shit applies a lot. Let’s be honest: people, places, things and so on. Calm – note. I am a dreamer. Seriously, if Kanye can be a self-proclaimed dreamer, then I’m going to move on Dreamer Signed my email.

Simply put, I believe in the Pretty Girl Movement, LLC. I believe in the power of company success and I believe in vision. However, I will never allow myself to be under the impression that there is only one method or step that will take me to the top of my company. The market is constantly changing. As a result, market strategy will have to change. Sam Walton once said, “If everyone else does it the same way, you have a good chance of finding your niche in the exact opposite direction“Yeah – I joked about Kanye and being a dreamer, but it’s true I try to be a dreamer.

Let’s dissect the two terms: Entrepreneur And Dreamer. Today is definitely the day to sort out the Venn diagram.

Blue and yellow make it completely green. See what I did there? I don’t mean to imply that I was a dreamer, but I mean it was a dreamer. #teamKanye

Never be complacent. A strategy that works today may not work tomorrow. Personally, I would rather play Tell me about you Opposition as leading in front of the game Hold on Back to the game. I compare business to a keynote speaker. People are always interested by role; They are attentive until the middle of a speech or presentation; As the conclusion draws closer, the speaker becomes repetitive. Conclusion Even before the presentation is made, the audience is already examining the time and agenda because the will and demand have shifted to the next speaker. Claim for To talk And Education Didn’t come. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals.

I Introduce and want to be the next speaker. Fuck mom.

Why did I join the CEO of Women Veterans Interactive in a Veterans Recruitment Training Program presented by The Coalition for Government Procurement? I joined that training program because I am an entrepreneur who plans to survive, and I have to be to survive. AdaptedI have to be one DreamerAnd I must be Introduction. The only way to ensure innovative initiative Put your head in a swivel And constantly find something different.

Jordin Short’s CEO, Founder and Creative Director Beautiful girl movement, LLC. And Indigenous Complex. The 24-year-old fitness enthusiast is an active duty soldier and senior majoring in cyber-security at the University of Maryland College College. He is currently based in Washington, DC.

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