Interview with Erie Lead Generation Expert Ari Tom

Influence of Lead Generation in Glasses Industry Today I got a chance from Ari Tom.

How did you get into the industry?

My experience with online marketing began 11 years ago when there was a traditional advertising agency, McCann. That’s when I first noticed a shift in subscribers and budgets towards new emerging online channels, and my interest went in that direction.

Then, in 2008, the iPhone was only 1 year old and Facebook was 3 years old … The marketing landscape has changed completely and created new and exciting opportunities.

Soon, I joined Google and managed a large number of advertisers in the ecommerce, healthcare and gaming industries. My years at Google have really enhanced my skills in the online industry and how I can use analytical, data-driven insights with Creative to drive sales and lead the genre campaign.

Today I’m leading the marketing team at, the largest online glasses department store in the United States. was created in the belief that the bank buying glasses should not be broken. We offer a variety of spectacle options for every style and price – from $ 19 to a pair of spectacles at top brands including Ray-Ban, Oakley, Gucci and more.

Best Tip for Online Lead Generation in 2019?

Just extend beyond the email lead capture. Users have shifted to the way they use media these days, and their preferred channels for interacting with brands have also changed. This creates an opportunity to increase user registration rates by offering additional, and more personalized ways to connect. These types of channels include: web push notifications, FB messenger bots, SMS and more.

How can a business set itself up as a standalone brand in the next 5 years?

I am a big believer in user experience. Not just from design POV, but as a general business standard. Companies need to ‘delight’ customers with a great product, service and information. Be unique and authentic in how you serve your customers. Only businesses that provide their customers with a unique experience will be able to compete with Amazon and other, more direct competitors. Creating a personalized experience or product, building a community, or establishing your business as an expert in your field are just a few examples. These things take time to build and build, but the ever-changing ecosystem will guarantee businesses more stability.

Would you say that the lead generation in the spectacles industry is different from other industries, such as clothing?

I would say that the spectacle industry, with an emphasis on prescription eyewear, differs from other major generation industries, mostly because buying prescription glasses online requires more effort from the customer – choosing the right size, fit, color, shape and a complete personal eye prescription. . This is not usually a spontaneous purchase and that is why keeping close contact with your prospects and nurturing them until they are ready to complete a purchase is the key to their success.

Have there been any developments in Lead Generation over the last 5 years and how have they affected the industries you work with?

The biggest advances in lead production in the last few years have been in the areas of privatization and automation. As email opening rates continue to decline, it becomes even more important to share your customers and provide a more personalized and relevant experience. This process of personalization extends from the first stage of lead capture to the end of email workflows. It is also important to maintain a healthy account and reputation.

Automation enables businesses to make the most of their customer databases, effectively managing millions of customer lists, including real-time feedback and continuous workflow. Automation has made email marketing 10X more efficient and scalable to manage.

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