Increase employee retention with diversity in the workplace

First, let me say that I am not an expert in diversity. I am a regular person who wants to do something good in the world.

There has been a lot of talk lately about The Great Regency, and how we leaders and small business owners can increase employee retention. I am working on a book that deals with this thing and has found that one of the most important aspects of employee retention is diversity in the workplace. And, added bonus: diversification of the company increases profitability.

When you think of diversity in the workplace, you may first think of race and gender, but diversity goes beyond race and gender. We must consider different generations, educational backgrounds, different populations, religions, sexual orientations and barriers.

At the moment, my company consists of a diverse group. We all have differences, yet there is a shared sense of values ​​and purpose. It’s really nice. Our brainstorming sessions are incredibly intuitive and rewarding, as more and more people with different backgrounds inevitably bring in more insights.

Different workplace benefits:

Employee retention-driven candidates are drawn to the included business. Employees feel more confident, inclusive and satisfied in their position when they do not feel they need to be someone else in the workplace and have a sense of belonging.

Provides more solutions – If I live in a house like this, how can I learn something? Without it, how annoying? Different life experiences bring many perspectives, which lead us to think beyond the rules and provide better solutions for our company and clients.

Good profitability – all this adds a more efficient and profitable business.A survey found that companies are in the top four for gender diversity in their executive team. 15% more likely to create an average profit Compared to companies in the lower quartile whose executive teams are predominantly white men.

Bring in people who are not like you, who have different backgrounds and opinions, and see your business flourish.

Wishing you tremendous health and wealth.


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