Increase efficiency – increase income

More efficiency equals more revenue. It’s science.

What is one thing you can do twice as efficiently?

I find that when challenges arise, such as the recession that we are about to face, the most proactive step you can take is to increase efficiency. Expand your business to make it twice as good. You can even see that once you start the pace it leads you to the solutions you need to move the business forward.

I present this challenge to business owners: Find a way to double your income with half the effort. If you find it, you will transform your business and redefine your industry – with you as a leader. Even if you only take incremental steps, you are still ahead of the competition.

To generate that revenue, think of increasing revenue while reducing costs.

Think about increasing efficiency while reducing effort.

This is the thing we want to achieve in our business right now.


Uh. Which one? I want to say that while building more skills, make sure you’re building more personal connections with your customers as well as employees. You don’t want things so automatically that people feel processed Nobody likes it.


Reduce all additional resources needed if there is inefficiency. Save cash, labor, technology and time.

How do you know if your efforts to build skills are working? Measure your return on investment, process and operational efficiency, eco-efficiency and labor.

How do I implement skills?

Automation – Can you create automation in your business to free up employee time? We have some automation set up for emails and resources, so that our employees can focus on serving in other ways.

Communication – Encourage open communication. This enhances efficiency by creating better clarity and eliminates the wait for endless email chains or responses.

Short Meetings – When you want to make that great communication, make sure the meetings are short and to the point. Prepare ahead of time for them, and follow a short agenda. We have daily meetings, but they last about fifteen minutes. We all know what the other is working on and can give insight or help if needed.

Task management software – we use Mondays. This allows us to keep up to date without interrupting anyone else. We store relevant information for each project here so that it is easily available to other team members.

Now it’s time to start. What is one thing you can do to double your business?

You got this!

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