How to write the ultimate guest blog post

When it comes to content marketing, most businesses focus on their own website blogs or branded social media accounts. They often forget to extend their reach through other strategic means. And if there is one area that I see many entrepreneurs and marketers neglect, it is guest blogging.

Why write a guest blog post?

Guest blogging, Which is basically the habit of writing content in your name and publishing it on someone else’s blog, is a very effective way to grow your own brand. Here are three specific reasons:

  • Increased exposure. The first thing guest blogging does is increase your exposure to new readers Where posting on your own blog limits you to people you already communicate with regularly, content published on a brand new platform exposes you to hundreds or thousands of people who would never have heard of you otherwise. This is good for both your business brand and personal brand.
  • Referral traffic. A section of those who have read your post will see and click a backlink to your byline and / or the main body of the post. It drives referral traffic to your own website, where you can further nurture these people and welcome them into your brand’s ecosystem.
  • Link juice. Guest blogging can be a powerful tool for creating backlinks, which Google and other search engines use as a signal of authority and trust in their ranking algorithms. We unofficially call it “link juice”.

There are lots of side effects associated with guest blogging, but these three are the most obvious. And if you get nothing but increased exposure, referral traffic, and a burst of link juice from your guest blogging – well, it’s worth it!

Seize the opportunity and set foot in the doorway with a few guest blogging partners. These relationships create a secondary audience for your brand.

3 tips to get the most value

The biggest piece of advice is to just dive and do it. Seize the opportunity and set foot in the doorway with a few guest blogging partners. If you build these relationships, you’ll eventually be able to publish regular posts on these sites and create a secondary audience for your brand. But here are some practical and granular tips to get you started:

Focus on adding value (not improvement)

It’s easy to get your priorities out of alignment when you first start guest blogging. You get so excited about the opportunity to get in front of a new audience and potentially drive traffic and believe back to your own site that you forget to perform.

There is nothing wrong with promotion – and we will discuss this in the next point – but the promotion is worthless to the reader. Emphasis should be placed on adding value above all else. Then, and only then, can you promote your brand. When readers value your content, they will begin to know, like, and trust you. This will force them to learn more.

There is a plan in place

While the previous point still stands, you also need to have a plan for how each guest will take advantage of the blogging opportunity. Most people make the mistake of including a vague homepage link back to their website. It does very little to move the relationship forward. Instead, consider using a CTA in your byline (or in the post, if allowed).

Instructions to readers a Specific landing page Or calling them to download a PDF or ebook will help you create better results. After all, the goal is not to click on your site once. You want to introduce them to your brand so that they keep coming back.

Gain your growing credibility

Getting your first guest blogging opportunity will be the most challenging. But over time, you can take advantage of every guest blog post to join forces with more authentic partners. By saying, “I’ve been shown on the ABC and XYZ websites,” You immediately have more credibility than if you had A blogger cold pitching.

Give guest blogging a chance

Guest blogging is constantly evolving. But as much as it has changed in the last decade and a half, one thing is for sure. This is still an incredibly valuable marketing investment. Consider creating a strategy where you write a guest blog post each week. If nothing else, it will give you 50-plus backlinks and exposure points in 12 months. That, my friends, is how you gain traction!

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