How to waste your whole life: A quick guide to happiness

The easiest way to waste decades of your life is to mistake joy for perfection.

Ananda now lives in the kingdom. It is made up of feelings and emotions, both of which are extremely important, but presumably volatile. It is impossible to base a meaningful life on the pursuit of happiness alone.

At the end of the joy: Excessive eating, excessive sleep, chronic masturbation and sexual addiction, television, bender, cocaine and ice cream (judgment is still here). Press the button, get excited. The constant urge to let go of the pain, anxiety, and uncertainty of being a human being in society.

It feels good to feel good. So why not try to feel good all the time? Mint chocolate chip pass, please.

Perfection is related to your highest vision for the future. It does not equate today’s pain or discomfort with yesterday’s pain or discomfort. This assumes that the best did not always come. Those who seek perfection from life will do something that is not fun now, to spend a lot of money later.

In his book “Autobiography of YogiIndian spiritual guru Paramahansa Yogananda recalls a conversation between a sage and his student:

The student shouted, “Guru, you are wonderful … you have given up wealth and comfort to seek God and teach us wisdom.”

To which the wise sage replied:

“You are reversing the case! I have kept some trivial money, some trivial pleasure for the cosmic empire of endless joy. So how did I deny myself something? I know the joy of sharing wealth. Is it a sacrifice? Short-sighted worldly people are the real renunciants! They give up an incomparable divine right for a handful of poor earthly toys! ”

This embarrassment captures the essence of seeking happiness rather than perfection.

Another way to perfection: Training for a triathlon, starting a business, writing a book, recording an album. All of these things can bring happiness in the short term. But more often than not, they do. They’re not fun. They are constantly struggling. They take years to master. They are never urgent and the easiest thing to do is to postpone.

(Especially if a new season Walking dead Ongoing.)

But it is also the kind of activity that is done day after day, which leads to the highest quality of life and long-term happiness. Not the sharpest, “OMG it’s a lot of fun” kind of pleasure – but more subtle, although the feeling of over-satisfaction in one’s life is equally pleasurable.

Activities like these make you feel that you are worth a curse And that’s important. Because you.

Pleasure vs. Perfection is the difference between spending your time and investing. Or the difference between suffering and creation.

Time will pass anyway — but what to show at the end of a lifetime?

Some of us would have 100,000 hours of television, a leased Mercedes and a bunch of clothes as proof that we were here when we got sick last year.

Others will create a legacy that will leave the world a better place and make a difference for people we have never met.

Which will you be?

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