How to make better decisions, promote yourself and maintain your sense of adventure

Ever wanted a life where your job was to travel the world with a ton of great people? Matt Wilson went from digging holes to starting a travel company that took people on several sick trips to Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Brazil and Ireland. Check out my interview with him! Last week, I had the opportunity to interview the founders of and Matt Under30CEO has started to show how to live a more fun and fulfilling life. After a life-changing trip to Iceland, he started a company called Under30Experiences that takes young people on trips around the world. Her full time job is to travel and give people the best experience of their lives. She has been featured on the Entrepreneur’s website, and you can find out more about her story here: From Digging Duchess to Advising Young Entrepreneurs. A great note, Matt did this whole interview while on an island in Belize where there are no cars!

What inspired you to start and what major hurdles did you have to overcome to make it truly successful?

Jared O’Toole and I were two recent college graduates who wanted to start a business but we don’t know how. In college we were surrounded by smart, young, innovative people, but once we graduated we didn’t have a community of inspired people to contact us so we started an online at Under30CEO. The biggest challenge was trying to cope with the financial crisis. When trying to make money online we have to put food on the table and pay the rent. We had no idea how. After years of trial and error, and never giving up, we have finally made the dream a reality.

What are some of the habits that one can adopt today that will allow them to have a more fulfilling life over time?

One of the things that helped me the most in life was the habit of observing myself. Through yoga, meditation, and a lot of introspection, I was able to see myself as a character in a movie. When I go to make a decision, I can be detached from the situation and see it as if I am a third party. I can also see things from a 35,000 foot view, where I can literally imagine what it would be like to see from an airplane. What I see is a sign of the big picture and I realize that the pressure I feel is nothing compared to the problems of the world. In business, it is very important to be able to put your emotions aside and be able to see the big picture with a clear mind.

Did it inspire you to live your life with courage, did you have a life-changing experience or a major adversity that made you look at things from a different perspective that took you on a journey?

I have been on adventure since childhood and my goal is to never lose the feeling of the adventure I was born with. When I was younger I used to build castles, spend time outside, sleep in tents and dream of traveling abroad to travel through the jungle. I’m proud to say now, I actually travel the jungle regularly. I’m writing to you from an island in Belize where there are no cars and I wake up and try to do the most exciting thing I can possibly do every day. My life-changing experience was sitting too long behind a computer and feeling chained to my desk. After a trip to the volcanoes and glaciers in Iceland I got back to my element and I decided to try to spread the excitement of the trip to others.

What inspired the under30 experience?

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