How to forgive someone who is fast moving forward in your life

My dad and I weren’t really together. We were like oil and water and we didn’t mix at all. I always hated my dad because I thought he didn’t love me or really cared. He was always away and never expressed how he felt. Sometimes, he would share his emotions, but not often. I have seen other families and how they have interacted, and I wish the same.

Instead of forgiving my dad and communicating with him, I kept quiet and “pushed” all my feelings and emotions. My activities resulting from this have made me lose relationships and keep people away because of my feelings of shame and inadequacy.

Although I wish I had sat down a long time ago and talked to my father about all this.

Don’t make the same mistake as me. Learn from it. Take back your power!

Keeping all the pain, anger, frustration and shame inside is not healthy, personally or professionally. Whatever happens in your personal life affects your career or business.

“What we don’t recognize is that holding your breath is like holding your breath. You will soon start suffocating. “- Deepak Chopra

Today, I’m going to walk you through the bottom The right move That’s what thousands of my clients have used to move forward in their lives With Or Except With whom they are in conflict. I am also going to give you a bonus guide at the end of the article to greatly improve the quality and depth of your personal and professional life and relationships.

We all have people who have disappointed us and hurt us. For example, they betrayed us, made us feel inferior, stole from us, or did something that had a profound and lasting effect on our lives. This pain is often inside us which defines us or is a major defining cause. We lifted the walls because of the pain and we closed the world. It’s time to dump her and move on.

Forgiveness is an essential element To give up and let go of the past And eliminating the need to recreate the pain in our lives, which is reflected in our relationships with others.

When we do not forgive, We make someone else’s behavior “about us”. We bear their unemployment and make them our own.

Forgiveness is an important step, and it can be the only thing that makes you want to live the life you want.

“Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself.” – Tony Robbins

How to forgive someone (three step process)

The first step Sorry Realizing this is a one-sided move, which means it only takes one person to forgive. You alone are responsible for forgiving and accepting forgiveness. The great part is that you don’t need to involve the other person at all The key to this practice is to let go of the pain and trauma so that you can move on with your life and all your relationships.

The caveat here is that if you try to reunite with that person, you need to take one more step with that person. I will share with you in step 3.

Step 1: Write a letter or handwriting to the person you need to forgive. Mention in the letter the strong emotions you feel, what role they play and why it still causes pain, injury, etc. Next, tell them that you are forgiving them and why you are doing it. Tell me how you feel.

Step 2: Now take the letter, go and read in front of the mirror. Make sure it is quiet wherever you do it and where you are not disturbed. Before you start, close your eyes and think about the person and look at his face, body, expression etc. Then open your eyes and start reading the letter. Feel the emotions whatever comes in the moment and just let them flow … don’t hold back. After you finish the letter, take thirty minutes (or more) and process as much as you can. I recommend finding a quiet place to take a walk or a reflection. How do you feel now than before? What emotions are going through you? What do you do for a living?

“True forgiveness is when you can say thank you for that experience.” – Oprah Winfrey

Step 3 (optional): What if you want to reconcile with the person? I recommend that you contact them and ask them to meet with you.

You want to mention that you think meeting them is very important because they were a very important part of your life. You want to mention the things you appreciate and care about and why you think so.

You should finally mention that you want to move forward with them in your life and meet with them to discuss how you can do it.

Include an email or handwritten letter with your request to meet with them

The day you meet them, you want to give them a warm welcome and thank them for taking the time to meet with you.

The firstStart by exchanging some short conversations for a few minutes so that you both can get more relaxed and stay in the flow.

The secondYou will want to provide the address of your written letter. Tell them why they are important to you and why you want them back in your life. A lot of times we say, “I love you” but that doesn’t matter and the person you’re talking to doesn’t know the “why” reason. “Why” is absolutely critical! This is what makes the difference because the other person knows what they did and how it helped you, how you felt and so on. It makes it real.

ThirdYou want to deal with the situation and tell them quickly what happened and how it made you feel. Accept responsibility for your actions and reactions. Get it!

“Forgiveness is giving up hope that the past could be different.” – Oprah Winfrey

Fourth, Ask them how they feel about the situation. You need to ask them questions so that they feel they are involved in the process and to better understand where they are coming from. You may not be aware of the essentials for you to move forward with this person. You have to stand in the other person’s shoes. So do it!

FinallyAt the end of the conversation, be clear about what it might be like to see it again, talk again, and so on. It is important for you to be clear about what you want to happen and what they want to happen Again, I will reiterate how important this was to you and you appreciate their time and willingness to talk.

There are two more important things to keep in mind when going through the reunion process:

  • It is important to be weak, open, honest and say what you have in mind. You cannot move forward unless you give up everything.
  • You also need to give the person a voice and the ability to share their feelings and what they are thinking. A lot of times, we don’t really know what’s going on in the other person’s mind. We don’t give them a place to truly communicate and express their feelings and emotions.

Whatever the outcome, make sure and remember that overcoming negativity, pain and suffering is the most important part of this process. You can’t control what other people say or do, but you can do it for yourself.

So use the power of forgiveness to move forward in your life!

That’s why! I followed this exact model with my dad before he died and this is something that made me very happy. We ended up having the best conversation ever. Don’t spend your life with regrets. Take action now.

And there you have it! There is a three-step process for forgiving yourself and others. Leave a comment below and let me know if it has helped you, and if you have someone you need to forgive in your life.

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