How to deal with office politics

Since it is under 30 CEO site, you can be an entrepreneur, or you are doing a full-time job but you have your own business vision. Since that side business isn’t making you any money right now, you’re smart enough that you know you have to do an actual job when you create it.

You are accepting sacrifices during the day, being a good employee and doing your job, but you have a vision of what you can create after work and on weekends. Instead of just wasting your time on Fridays and Saturdays, you work harder at it, knowing that this is your only chance to create what you want. On Mondays, you do your duty to work, but ideas and thoughts don’t go away.

Although from Monday to Friday, you see a different kind of world.

When you get to work, you tell people, “How was your weekend? Great, I _____” when they get their coffee and the hamster wheels start spinning again. As the day goes on, you deal with what you are doing all the time, but never talk about office politics.

Politics is a funny thing. It’s not about Democrats or Republicans, but the subtle energy game that happens every day. Wherever you work, you can see it in drama. Managers are more in favor of certain people because they are male or female, or a certain person kisses a certain ass. Or those who have been with the company for a long time are more influential, and are perceived as employees who “can’t do anything wrong.”

The best way to deal with the subtle nonsense that is going on with office politics is to look at it like a game of The Sims.

Pretend it’s a big game, and you’re controlling the character in the office. When other employees try to throw you under the bus, don’t get emotional about it. Watch it as if you were just turning your character around and responding to the situation. Be proactive when needed, but not at the expense of others.

Robert Green, author of the best-selling book 48 Act of PowerAn expert on power.

How did he become an expert? Lives life.

He said that working in Hollywood, the only currency is energy, and what people would do to acquire or use it was crazy. Over time, instead of getting angry or emotional about it, he simply observed it all and wrote a best-selling book about it.

From my point of view, even the concept of office politics is sad because it admits that a group of people are stuck in this small, small world. If someone continues to play the political game hard, trying to look good for everyone so that they can get their next promotion fast, they are subconsciously admitting that they are stuck in this world and cannot see the big picture. Maybe they will get that promotion, but once they get it, they will just continue playing politics, trying to increase their careers at the expense of others.

It may not be easy if you deal with the politics of an office, but watch it as you play Sims. Getting emotional about it will do nothing, so take the high road and just start observing. Who are the characters in this game? What do they look like? How are they acting? What position do they want? Looking at it this way will help you see it as a game, and recognize the joy of it all.

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