How to break the monotony and become the smartest person in your company

If you are reading this at the moment, and it is a working day, then there is a good chance that you are looking for annoyance and confusion. You know the feeling of loneliness – you’re scrolling through Facebook on your phone, and then you open a new browser tab and type in “Facebook” just to realize that you’re accessing Facebook in two places at the same time!

It wasn’t always like this, though. Your work was full of new information, new conversations and new energy. The thing is, it was all exciting because it was new. You are constantly learning new things that you have not been exposed to before. You took the pages of notes, went to each conversation with curiosity, and then took notes of that conversation.

Then, over time, you become accustomed to the environment. You no longer take notes, and instead of encouraging, go to the conversation with compulsion.

You hit the monotony.

Why are you upset

The study by the American Psychological Association points to boredom as an “unfulfilled desire for satisfying activity.”

Basically, your brain can’t get any satisfaction.

Why would this happen? Theoretically, wouldn’t your work stimulate you?

Well, what happened is called psychological principle Habits-The more you come in contact with the same thing, the less excited you will be.When you get used to it, you don’t get excited about it. This is why you get an amazing crowd during your first kiss with someone new, but less of a rush with a # 80 kiss with the same person.

You hit the monotony, and you ask every day,

“What do I have to do today?”

You come in contact with repetitive stimuli, examine your brain and you ignore new stimuli. The work is done, but you do not have the mind.

But the important thing here is You don’t lose your learning ability – you just have to reinvest in your awareness And get yourself back to your work.

So, your ticket is excited to work again

  1. Change your mindset From “What to do today?” Per “What can I learn today?”
  2. Create a tracking system Which keeps you responsible for learning new things

Seinfeld tracking system

Jerry Seinfeld is known for a lot of amazing things, but have you heard of his tracking system for being a great comedian?

A few years ago, a young aspiring comic asked Jerry if he had any tips for a young man.

“The way to be a good comic is to make better jokes and the way to make better jokes is to write every day,” he said.

He asked me to get a large wall calendar that had the whole year on one page and hang it on a prominent wall. The next step was to get a big red magic marker. He said for each day that I do my writing work, I can put a big red X on that day.

After a few days you will get a chain. Just keep it up and the chain will get longer every day. You’ll love looking at that chain, especially when you get a few weeks under your belt. Your only job is to break the chain. “

How do you apply it? Create a learning log

3 years ago I at ‘Comfortable but boring’ The state of mind in my work. I really liked what I did, but I felt like I was getting complacent, and not being challenged enough. So, I adapted the Seinfeld tracking system to my situation and created an education log.

I knew I had a ticket to feel excited again to make sure I learned something new every day. The only way I could be sure of that was to write it down.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Create a 2-column spreadsheet. Title column 1 “Date”, and column 2 “What did I learn today?”
  2. At the end of each day, before you leave, write the date in column 1 and in column 2, write down something you learned that day, either about yourself, about your job, about a coworker or about your company.

Once you do that, you go to the office in the morning and the first thing you ask is,

“What can I learn today?”

When this is your main concern, you will move on to more things with curiosity, find more ways to be creative, and move on to conversations with a whole new mindset.

And since you are tracking it, if the end of the day draws near and you do not learn anything new, you will change your behavior for the rest of the hour so that you can seek knowledge.

Here is a sample of the learning log I kept:

  • 3/11/2013: Even when you’ve created something that you think is good (a presentation in this case), it’s a good idea to look at it a few times (on separate occasions), because you’ll look at it from a new perspective and find improvements that can make it better.
  • 3/12/2013: My colleagues look at me legitimately for my knowledge and skills and do not see me as someone who does not have enough experience or is too young to ‘understand’ what to do. Specifically, (my manager) and I (the client) reviewed an agenda to send. (My manager) initially started it, then asked me to take a look to see if our bases were covered, if the email was spelled correctly and what else should be included in the agenda.
  • 3/13/2013: Today I have learned that tedious, monotonous work does not seem tedious or monotonous if you understand the purpose and effect behind it and have an interest in that purpose. Much of my day today involves entering an email address into a system to send an email blast to cold clients at the end of the day. The email explosion itself was for a webinar which I will present in a few weeks. We’re using this webinar as a creative way to drum up some business as opposed to cold calling. Because the webinar was my idea, it was a presentation I created, my manager supported it and (if successful) would bring new business to the company, what I did in no time while searching my 4+ hours and setting up email addresses in a database. Ask, “Why am I doing this?” Or get frustrated.

You can imagine how much it has changed my day.

I have been doing this every day for 3 monthsWhich turned me on ‘Comfortable but boring’Challenged, excited, and enthusiastic. I did 10X of my learning, And I became a strong asset to the company because I was thinking more actively. I built stronger relationships with my colleagues because I talked to them with real curiosity. I became irresistible.

As a result of the learning log, I was able to share information, insights and suggestions during meetings and conversations with management that immersed them in how much I knew about the company. My responsibilities extend, and I became a source of knowledge.

Your turn. Start your learning log today and become the smartest person in your company.

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