How do you become a leader if you are fighting perfectionism?

Grazer produced them all.

Dyslexia forces him into a situation where he specializes in other skills that most people cannot even learn. He made his predicament a desirable difficulty and found his hidden superpowers.

My challenge for you

What I am finding here is that we have to look at our difficulties as desirable difficulties. What difficulties do you encounter and what does it force you to learn?

Here’s my challenge for you:

You constantly think and act.

I need to get a new job …

I really want to start that podcast …

If I were to speak at the meeting and contribute ideas …

But you’re stuck with a perceived difficulty –

I’m not good enough …

I have no experience speaking in public …

My ideas have to be perfect before I can share them …

Don’t look at it as a problem, look at it as one Desirable difficulty. Force yourself to see what you know by analyzing what you don’t know and discovering your hidden superpowers.

সহজ An easy 3-step process to find your hidden superpowers

From the beginning I went back to my friend’s trouble.

He is a perfectionist, and does not express his ideas for fear of failure.

Here’s a 3-step process for you and yourself to take advantage of your desired difficulty and find its hidden superpowers:

Step 1: Enter the goal
I want to move vertically into my company, and be a leading project.

Step 2: Enter the perceived difficulty
I am a perfectionist, very careful for fear of failure.

Step 3: Find the benefits of your desired difficulty that will help you achieve your goals
In this step, make a list of all the things that make you feel great. For anyone with a perfectionist mindset like my friend, I can bet that it made you great in the least:

  1. Conduct research
  2. Asking questions to understand perspectives as much as possible (and many of them)
  3. Listening to others (usually when you are afraid to speak, it improves your listening skills)

Follow this simple 3-step process that you see as a hassle and uncover your hidden superpowers and you will experience massive success.

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