Hello from the new Under30CEO!

4 years ago, I had the insane idea of ​​creating a website and somehow, igniting a community dedicated to helping young people start businesses and build better lives.

I think My idea Was special and unique … until I checked Google !!

I stumbled across Under30CEO and felt like someone had punched me for 4 years!

WTF !!!

So, after some crying, I did the next best thing: I started writing for them.

Oops … look how old I am

You probably heard of Rich20Something because of my work on Under30CEO. The first post that was blown up was my now “Internet-famous” An open letter to some frustrated 20-something.

I don’t expect it to be such a crazy reaction. But … I think I had to do something.

I was so overwhelmed that I even called my mother. He had no idea what was happening (hull) I didn’t care. It was a big deal for me.

And I was right.

Because everything has changed since then.

Over the next few years, I became great friends with U30CEO founders Matt and Jared. We have traveled the world together and supported each other’s efforts. As my own brand grew I continued to write for them.

A few years go by quickly. A great opportunity to present yourself. I jumped it.

I think I haven’t introduced myself yet. I’m Daniel Dipiaza. I am its founder and CEO Rich 20 somethingAnd being the new owner of Under30CEO is an honor and privilege.

I want to take a second to acknowledge and thank Matt and Jared for all their hard work – and to give me a shot when I’m “nobody” on the Internet.

I literally couldn’t do this without you two. Thanks! Many more years of friendship and working together here. Friends, I love you!

(As I hope you know, Under 30 experience It continues to grow rapidly and that’s where Matt and Jared are directing their efforts from here. If you don’t have a trip, do yourself a favor and check it out !! Will change your life.)

I can’t express how humble I have become in the amount of progress I have made in such a short time. In a trillion years I never imagined that one day I would own the first site that would give me a shot to get my message out.

Honestly, it’s surreal.

I hope you are excited for the future of Under30CEO, but more importantly … I hope you take something from this experience: whatever your dream is … it is possible.

Everything you want to do is within your reach. In the beginning, there is no way you know how to get there. You can’t see all the steps. You’re not supposed to. You just have to keep going.

With humiliation and perseverance, it’s yours. If you want it I promise you.

Say hello to the new UNDER30CEO crew

That from left to right Daniel Thomas, Alicia GlennAnd Me!

Everyone wanted to know what was going on, so here’s a moment to get acquainted.

Daniel Thomas

Hello hello hello! I am the content manager and lead copywriter of R20 / U30 goliath and I will flood your inbox with all the good things you expect from U30. Quick Plug: I’m also its founder Evolution And I will run my own health and nutrition column for the U30 crowd. I like to eat chicken bones, turkey neck and shrimp tail. Respected and thrilled!

Alicia Glenn

Hey what’s up, I’m Alicia! I like to come up with ideas and create things. I am the product manager of Rich20Something, and for my U30 Pips I will contribute highly functional parts of the business that will give you a competitive edge over others.

Aaron Beltran

Yeah, I’m Aaron! I am a (former?) Poker player who decided to start as an adult and immerse myself in everything related to business, technology and startups. I’m Team Hostler # 4, the community leader in the R20 / U30 movement, and I’ll bring up the content that will help you accomplish the most important thing.

Charma Pineda

Charma is here. As the name implies I am the group’s Lucky Charm 🙂 I’m the head of customer support at Rich20 / Under30 here. If you ever need something, just press that support button and ping me!

Daniel Dipiaza

Daniel Thomas (“DT”) and Alicia, along with our remote crew Charma And Aaron, Create the original team behind Rich20Something / Under30CEO. We have huge plans for Under30CEO over the next few years, and we consider the platform an important part of our mission to enable one million millennials to upgrade their wealth, health and happiness.


Over the next few months, we plan to deliver great content to you on a weekly basis. Which starts on Friday. Be careful.

R20 / U30 world domination begins now !!!

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