FYI: It is not worth following all the rules

You do not have to follow the rules.

Not all rules are worth following.

These often sound like commands, but they are not

These are often overlooked – even by those responsible for enforcing them.

Remember the old saying: “Better a poor horse than no horse at all.”

That’s true.

And let’s be honest: If you weren’t forgiven later, you probably would never have been allowed to.

So why not just go for it?

Ask that person.

Finally start the business you have been talking about for 3 years.

Take salsa dance lessons on Wednesday night.

Do what you plan to do in advance.

We spend a lot of time worrying about the possible consequences of breaking a rule.

Hour after hour predicts an imaginary fall from something that never happened, and probably never will.

But once we follow, and doomsday never comes, somehow we forget and we go back to our defaults.

Spoiler alert – everything is fine in the end.

Thinking about breaking a rule is actually much more frightening than breaking it.

Ninety-nine percent of the time, breaking a rule results in someone being “disturbed” with you, or not doing what you want them to do.

Not death.

Not jail.

Not bankruptcy, poverty or any kind of irreparable loss.

Worst of all, someone might be a little “annoyed” with you.

Or maybe someone will say “no” to you.

Literally, that’s it.

Can you handle someone “annoyed”?

Will it ruin your whole day?

When someone says “no” to you, do you break down in tears?

Something to think about: Why is a person’s “no” stronger than your “yes”?

It’s not.

Take more risks. I want you.

The strongest step you can ever take is something you are not 100% sure about.

The strongest sentence you will ever say is, “Screw it – let’s see what happens.”

Image copyright: Caitlin Collins

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