Dream Driven and Looking Good It Doing It – Interview with Ike Harmeku

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“My dream drives me. I come from a place where people have to create their own opportunities. If they can’t find a way, they create a way. I think my dream is to make me Nothing Nice New York and other brands. Driven to do. “

Bob Dylan once referred to New York as “a city where you can freeze in the middle of a busy street and no one will notice.” EK Hormeku, founder of Nothing Nice New York (NNNY), ​​has made the most of his Brooklyn, New York roots as a fashion designer and young entrepreneur.

Nothing Nice makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Curious as to why anyone would brand a line of clothing with this name, I asked EK if she had chosen Nothing Nice. The name comes from his experience in New York and what people perceive as the harsh and brutal nature of the city. EK describes its own city as “fast moving and sharp” and a place different from anywhere else in the world.

EK’s Hormeku Group has a total of seven brands, including NNNY, a bespoke (made to order) men’s clothing brand that designs high-end custom suits. Providing the desired jewelry and apparel, promises and unique needs and requests of customers is a difficult but necessary aspect of doing business. When it comes to customer service, EK’s goal is to “make customers feel as good as they let us make them feel.”

The 28-year-old serial entrepreneur started his entrepreneurial journey by selling copies of song lyrics to his primary school classmates. His interest in entrepreneurship has only grown since his first experience. “I was the kid who threw parties at the Brooklyn pop high school party scene before it really got bigger. Before that, I used to find ways to do a homework service for some of my classmates and I even recorded songs and sold CDs and drew pictures. “

In addition to the wide line of brands in the Hormeku Group portfolio, EK is expanding NNNY’s offerings to include school uniforms, athletic wear, ready-to-wear suits and women’s clothing.

Excellent advice

Ike started her fashion line without any experience in textile or custom-made clothing. Respecting what his target market is looking for and ignoring the opinions and suggestions of others, he has created a name for NNNY. His advice to other young entrepreneurs who want to create a brand is “Know your product, know exactly who you are creating it for and know that you will get feedback from people who don’t have to create the product and you have to create your product.” You say what you want to say. If not, it will fade quickly. Always listen to your target market. “

While his success seems to be commendable in less than 30 years, EK regrets not starting his venture too soon. “I should have listened to my heart and started when I felt it. I should have started earlier. ” He says that because of listening to the wrong people, he waited for Nothing Nice New York to start.

EK’s best advice for young entrepreneurs is not to give up. “Keep going, keep going, keep going. You are going to face road obstacles, you will have obstacles and many challenges. Very, very bad days and very, very good days are going on … just keep going. “It’s easy to give up, but it takes courage, perseverance and the ability to never give up your dreams to persevere in a tough city and a tough industry.

Don’t be like the fashion fad and don’t fade, listen to the full audio with EK Hormeku below!

Additional interview highlights

Do you think entrepreneurs are brave? “Courage can be an underestimation. You have something that everyone tells you that you are not going to do … There is a lot of dirty and fake support. It takes some heart to do this and stick to it. It’s one thing to build, but it takes more courage to defend it.

What sets you apart from competitors? “Nothing Nice New York Service and Attitude.”

Is insurance an important part of your business? “Yes, it is very important. Anything can happen. Something that can go wrong, will go wrong. Make sure everything is insured. “

– “If the idea is from your heart, you will find a way to make it work.”

Tips for Entrepreneurs Entering the Fashion World: “Don’t believe the hype. People say the fashion world is shady, classless and shallow. The fashion business is a business. Make sure your business is OK and know that there are some things that people will tell you that you need – that you don’t really do. “

Listen to the full interview here:


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