Do you say “go!” Missing? Factor?

In 2003, The Human Genome Project A massive success is welcomed.

We have officially mapped the complete genetic makeup of human DNA, with 99.9% accuracy, saving a tiny percentage. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from or what your mother’s first name is – scientists now know with amazing certainty what you look like under a microscope.

But does that mean we can raise another? You In a Petri dish?


We are still playing with the complexity and complexity of individual organ reconstruction … let alone cloning an entire human being.

That’s weird, really.

We know all the elements that make up a person, up to the molecule. We also need to sort those elements in the correct order and proportions.

Yet with all that knowledge, we still don’t understand how to create a new man!

What’s missing from our recipe?


I call it “Go!” I mean! Factor


When your genetic material is taking shape in the womb, things don’t always come together perfectly.

(Perhaps there are some conditions or difficulties with which you were born that you can change.)

But your cells don’t care about any of that.

Their only goal is to create life, then pass it on to the world. Go!

No permission is sought. The consequences will be cursed. Go!

There is no weight of good-evil or concern about “if” and “when”. Go!

“Error” will be dealt with later. Or not at all. Go!

The only goal is to ship the project.

Your project.

If you live to read it right now, your body has made the right decision.

But sometimes your mind is not as smart as your body.

It’s a shame that in our fully formed state, most of us are “go!” Can’t use a painful obvious method like this. To bring our own ideas to life.

The ideas that turn into reality, the essence of the breath – the ideas that turn into books, speeches and business – and the ones that die in the mind – are “Go!”


At this moment, our generation “go!”

We’re delivering terribly short, actually matter.


We actually made the mistake of filling the car with gas for a roadtrip.

We have confused the fatigue we feel from the plan to act with the fatigue that actually comes from acting.

Our “Go!” We also build high walls to protect ourselves from its lack.

One way to build a wall is to protect yourself so well through inspirational books, YouTube tutorials and endless research that you actually forget that you did nothing.

Give it a try. It works!

You too can protect yourself from the lack of go! Those who have a lot of it invest all your energy in studying.

If you invest enough energy, you will start to feel that you are moving too. It’s a wonderful vicarious experience!

It’s like licking a spoon when your mom is making cookies – you get a taste of the real experience. Although this is not the real thing.

You laugh, cry and shout when your favorite athletes score goals.

You cheer for your favorite actors and celebrities in theater and on television.

You are waiting for the enlightened people like Steve Jobs and Elon Musk to reveal the next big thing.

Possibilities and great visions flow into your brain and you begin to feel energized.

Oh shit, there’s a possibility that you can actually go! This time.

Then, instead of taking that new found energy and using it to create something of your own, you spread it far and wide.


That was close.

You have been waiting a long way to go!


It’s time to dump her and move on.

The excitement you feel while converting from at-rest to in-motion is not a warning sign that the machine is about to break. This is the energy needed to leave your own atmosphere that you have to transcend.

Get some poke.

Go idea! It’s so simple that I’m frustrated writing about it.

You can apply Go! In anything small or large.

A common mistake is to think that only big projects are calculated.

You don’t have to start your million-dollar business to activate your Go, drop a # 1 album or win Ironman! At full power.

The process of reporting your sales numbers at work may be tedious and time consuming. You know a few formulas in a spreadsheet can save hours and dollars. Do it today. Such as now. Just like now. Don’t be late. Then show your team and ask their feedback.

Every time you go to the gym, you pass Zumba class and look out the window. Looks like they’re having a lot of fun! You want to join, but you do not want to look like a fool. Wouldn’t it be nice to wait a while before practicing at home? No. No it won’t actually be good. Turn around right now, go to that room and join the class right now. (Stand back if you’re nervous.)


Using your go! Strength in small projects, you will become increasingly comfortable with saying “yes” to yourself and breaking the inertia and discomfort of learning our culture.

Here’s the key:

Choosing to go! Choosing change. Change for yourself and for the world around you.

Change is scary and uncomfortable. Everyone knows that.

Ask Martin. Ask Gandhi. Ask Elon. Ask Oprah.

But the resistance you feel … the fear you feel … the uncertainty you feel … are not the red light that tells you to stop what you are doing.

These are the green lights telling you where you are going and where you want to be.

Put your foot on the gas.


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