Do these 3 workouts to avoid weight gain while traveling

I don’t know about you, but finding a gym and finding time to get enough workouts when I travel can be a serious struggle.

That’s why I tried my best Simplify the process of staying lean on the road Stick to a few core workouts that are fast, effective and do not require a gym.

One of the main reasons I get into the habit of doing these workouts is because of these specific types of jump rope body weight workouts. The most effective way to avoid excess body weight gain (Especially body fat) during travel.

In an average of 15 minutes of workout, you will burn about 250 calories, but due to something called EPOC (extra post-exercise oxygen consumption), you will continue to burn calories long after you finish your workout. So, your real The total calories burned from that workout is about 400 calories.

But – in addition to calories and body fat, there are hidden benefits that lead to higher ROI.

Let’s deal. Travel can be super stressful. So we need to do something to balance the scale in order to maintain a consistently happy state.

A few HIIT (high intensity interval training) jump rope workouts per week can be equal to that.

Research tells us that a few short high-intensity workouts on our schedule during the week can significantly reduce stress and increase happiness.

But you probably know that right?

I’m here to give you an extra push and share some specific workouts so you can hold on to this habit while on the road.

Here is a series of HIIT jump rope workout samples that I suggest you work on your routine while traveling.

Workout 1

Workout 2

Workout 3

Now that you’re equipped with a few strategic workouts to incorporate into your routine while traveling, I’d like to invite you to check them out next time you’re on the road and don’t have access to your gym.

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