Crete Island in Greece for remote work and digital nomadic lifestyle

The Mediterranean island of Crete The largest island in Greece It has a lot to offer like a nice place to stay and work, such as breakfast or even lunch and dinner, so that you can concentrate fully on your work (and it is better to rent a car here as much as possible to stay flexible).

Fernando-Raymond-in-Crete-IslandAlso, most offer leisure facilities such as swimming pool, gym, tennis court, yoga, etc. One of the best for me is the all-inclusive resort.

Play tennis in Crete-GreeceThe Filion Resort & Spa Near the famous sand beach was awesome. Located in the mountains, yet about 10 minutes from the beach, you can book a complete apartment with a terrace with food and drink all day. Every morning you have access to an incredibly versatile buffet, with snacks and drinks for lunch and dinner. You can choose from healthy salad and fruit dishes, meat, eggs and other Mediterranean dishes and of course the common continental type of food.

So, overall good food for a decent price (excluding the main season in July, August) – April, May, early June and the end of September is best to go out of the main season in October or November. You will then face fewer tourists and lower prices. The resort offers free Wi-Fi access throughout the region so you can work from the pool area or the bar where you have access to free drinks and snacks throughout the day. You can also work from your house or apartment, if you prefer a quieter workplace.

Crete-island-Greece-beachThe Filion Resort and Spa in the sand fishing village area of ​​Crete There was a great deal. You can get a 4-bedroom apartment for 9 people for 110 per night. Good for group stays, staff meetings and digital migration meetups and staying active.

If you land at Chania Airport, it is advisable to look for accommodation in the vicinity for the first few days as you will be able to explore this beautiful part of the island without having to travel far. I saw about 8 km away from the airport Alianthas Suite in Tersanas near Chania And it is located close to the coast so you can get stunning views of the sea here and include a great breakfast buffet and access to a pool and tennis court with sea views.

Free Wi-Fi access is available throughout the property, however, some rooms seem to have less signal than others, so you best let the team know that you need a good internet connection when booking. But the signal was right in the communal area and you can work from there with stunning views of the sea and mountains.

If you prefer a complete apartment for self-catering, then Nostalgia Villas Will be for you Attractive price for a great place where you can dine for 8 people with great views and a swimming pool and nearby caves and beaches you can reach by hiking in about 10 minutes.

You will also have a fully equipped kitchen and a washing machine, and the surroundings will be quiet and peaceful. You can buy fresh fish and ingredients from the nearest supermarket and cook your own meals, if you follow a certain diet. And it’s great for hiking with Stavros nearby.

The Nostalgia Villa property consists of a total of 4 villas, so you can invite family, friends or colleagues and rent the whole property to use together at affordable prices, especially outside of the main season.

For digital nomads and remote workers who prefer a buzzing city and luxurious lifestyle, you can visit the town of Rethimonon between the capital Heraklion and China. Here you can find everything from water sports activities such as jet skiing to bars and clubs and a nice shopping area in the city center.

You can book a nice and modern hotel room here for your own treatment Theatermis Hotel Near the main beach. It offers indoor and outdoor pools, a gym, massage chairs and a spa, and the buffet there is spacious with great service. Not to mention that Wi-Fi was fast and solid throughout the hotel.

For the ultimate luxury experience, especially for digital nomads who prefer to stay calm and quiet only for adults, Minos Ambassador Suite A must. Expect a stunning apartment with all the mod-cons you want and an incredibly comfortable bed.

The Infinity Pool with city and sea views was at the top here and you can conveniently work from the rooftop terrace when ordering drinks or food from the cherries and bars.

Addition-of-Ferrando-Raymond-on-Crete-island-in-GreeceFor breakfast and dinner you will not miss delicious and fresh salads, fruits, vegetables and common Cretan foods like fried aubergine, octopus salad and delicious desserts like baklava and various cakes in addition to high quality meat and fresh fish dishes. And the desert. Also the incredibly attentive service of the hotel staff is always at hand. You can access the gym and indoor pool or sauna and hammam for extra wellness and relaxation after work.

Moving east of the island Miramare Resort & Spa Hotel Crete in Agios Nikolaos is certainly recommended.

The picturesque town with stunning sea views and a lake is just a 10-minute walk from the resort, with many beach fish restaurants to enjoy. However, the resort is so spacious, you can swim in 3 huge different pools here, enjoy a large breakfast buffet in the morning with beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and sea.

You will also have access to a gym and tennis court. However, the beaches here are not as impressive as the west side of the island where you can find many white sandy beaches with great clear water for swimming and snorkeling. While Wi-Fi was solid throughout the resort, the service could be improved.


Crete offers a great coastline with many beaches for swimming and relaxing with public showers, toilets and modified facilities that are generally well maintained and clean. Also, you will always find a small inn or kiosk for breakfast.

Heading back to the western part of Crete Almirida Bay Resort A good stopover in the beautiful town of Almirida. It’s not the best hotel room or service experience here, but the pool is good for long stretches of swimming and the tennis courts are decent.

For the best beaches you have to go to Kisamos in Crete where I was modern Christina Hotel Offers a spacious hotel room with a kitchen and a beautiful pool area and lounge with sea views. But the bed can be even better থেকে from here you can easily reach the stunning Falasarna beach which I found to be one of the best beaches I have ever visited, swimming in the clear sand and the local fish.

Work from Christina Hotel Good with sea view and a good internet connection. There was no downtime and 4G connections for mobile were in full signal throughout the hotel and outdoors. At the pool Christina Hotel Great for a super morning and some yoga by the pool. There is a 2.8 meter deep pool and small diving board.

About an hour from Christina Hotel Drive to Elafonisi Beach – an amazing beach to see with turquoise and pink. More details and pictures and also A.

Having said that, I would go back to Crete and the island would be one of my top choices for working remotely as a digital nomad. I have some plans for the Smart Island Show and a digital tribe of 100 digitally inspired people to travel to Crete with me every year.

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