Best Places to Build a Strong and Influential Network (Part 1)

Everything we achieve in life is with or through other people. No one does it alone. Name a person who has been completely successful by himself without any help ?!

The ability to establish, build and deepen relationships has proven to play a major role in both our success and happiness. And one of the basic needs of everyone is in our DNA.

On the other hand, disconnection will bring us the greatest pain, frustration and suffering. It’s the shame that we’re not good enough, that is, the shame that everyone has felt and can relate to. For example, how many of us have felt that we are not smart enough, thin enough, rich enough, publicized enough, etc.? I bet virtually everyone!

The way to disconnect is creating deep, meaningful connections where we become truly genuine and vulnerable to who we are.

To do this the social, communication and mental skills are set to learn behaviors So anyone can get great at them if they practice every day and commit to the process. [To help master these skills, there are bonus resources that you can access at the end of the article].

But how many people invest, cultivate and develop their social, communication and mental skills? Very few people ever do this because many people are under the illusion that people are born with this skill.

Well, no one is “natural.” For example, does a child know how to work in a room on the network? Absolutely not!

So it’s time to invest. By spending just a few minutes a day practicing, you will be amazed at how much you are interacting with everyone in your life and business, and how your relationships have improved dramatically over time.

And it is equally important to go The right place Where you can successfully practice this skill.

This is an area that most people completely miss. We will discuss Part 1 today.

Where do you want to go?

The best places to go are with charities, nonprofits, businesses and events, interests and political parties. These are the key places to build personal and professional relationships.

Here are some reasons why these places should be yours:

1) The defenses of the people in these places are downward. They are much more open and willing to meet anyone. One reason is that everyone is given some level of trust because of the dynamics of the group and you don’t get it in another environment.

2) It’s easy to start a conversation in these places because you can always ask people if they are members of the organization, who they know, and so on.

3) People don’t go to these events unless they want to be social. You know they’re there for a reason … to meet other people.

4) It is a simple environment to practice introducing others. It’s the # 1 top social skill to develop and I guarantee you it will change your life. I made a video to discuss this.

5) The people in this group are mobile, social, professional etc. at the top. They are usually the social influencers in your city. This is a major setback for going to such events.

6) Networking events end up on my list because they can be problematic because a lot of people go there because they are in a challenging life situation (like looking for a job … and maybe desperate for one).

7) People do business with the people they like. The same goes for recruitment. These are unnecessary places that people never think of.

When you meet people in bars, restaurants, grocery stores, coffee shops or any other place, human immunity increases. People often don’t want to talk or socialize because they are going out for a special reason: to meet and meet friends, to discuss the challenges of their lives, and so on.

They often do not want to deal with the hassle of interacting with others. This is why people are generally “closer to the cold” than others with a lower success rate (i.e. without formal identification from anyone else).

Also, going consistently in this environment can be detrimental to one’s mentality because of the amount of rejection one has to face.

Now, let’s go deeper into some of the core groups to get involved with it.


For those who are interested, this is a great way to meet like-minded people or engage with candidates who represent your views. There are many organizations ranging from official teams to young professional groups, think tanks, candidates themselves, etc.

There are many benefits to being involved in local politics. Remember, today’s unknown politician could easily be the future mayor or congressman who will be a powerful person in your network.

Next time in Part 2We will discuss more important places for you to build your professional network.

I have something special for you as I mentioned above.

Do you want to dramatically improve all your personal and professional relationships?

I promise to help you right now. I’ve put together a short guide to six step-by-step relationship building practices, plans and strategies for free with my # 1 bestselling ebook and a complimentary copy of the audio book on Amazon, Social Wealth.

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