Believe this link building myth at your own peril

The debate has been going on for the last one decade. This is a controversy that started in the high tech circles of the SEO world and has gradually spread to major stages of marketing. We are of course talking about the debate over the effectiveness of backlinks and link building. And if you have a misconception of the truth, it can have a dramatic and decisive negative impact on the way your SEO and marketing efforts move forward.

Link Building: Dead or Alive?

In 2014, when high-ranking Googler Matt Cutts announced that the Internet marketing world was sending a wave of panic. Guest blogging and link building On the way to becoming an ineffective way to improve search rankings and online visibility. And when he was the strongest word for the course Spammy Link building, his words have finally been taken out of context. They were exaggerated and exaggerated.

Not too long ago, a myth began to take root in the industry. It goes a bit like this: Link building dead.

But this is not entirely true. In fact, it is clearly a lie.

Link building is more important and effective than ever before. And if you want to drive traffic to your website, this needs to be a focal point.

Recent research supports This idea. A survey of nearly 12 million Google search results found that the number of linking domains to a website is strongly and directly related to ranking – more than any other SEO factor, including schema markup and rich snippets.

The data also shows that 99 percent of all top-50 search results have at least one high-quality backlink from an external site. Most have A lot More

You can even study Google’s own patent And you’ll notice how strongly they believe in backlinks – even if they’re too annoyed to talk publicly.

3 Tips for White Hat Link Building

The key to link building is to do it right. A good link building strategy will provide a healthy ROI, while a spammy strategy will punish and reel you. How do you make sure you do the former and not the latter? Here are some helpful tips:

  • Create high quality content

The only way to attract a large number of high quality links from authentic domains is to have content that is worth linking to. And that’s why content is at the heart of any white hat link building strategy.

The two most important elements of making High quality link building materials Quality and shareability are given priority. Value is required, because you must give people a reason to link to your content. (If it is vague or very primitive, there is no stimulus.) Shareability refers to the “contagious” nature of your content. In other words, what motivates someone to share? (Emotional resonance such as fear, nostalgia, surprise, or excitement is great.)

The editable parts of the content are digestible and schemable, yet profound and authoritative. In other words, don’t create a post that talks about the three steps of washing your car. Create a “guide” outline 33 Uses 33 Secret Car Detailers when washing 100k cars. Do you see the difference?

  • Encourage organic sharing

Quality content is good, but it’s not going to create backlinks without the slightest push. It is up to you to encourage early sharing. You can do this by tapping your own network and marketing resources. This includes social media, email lists and / or influential people you know.

Once you get that initial boost of organic shares, you’ll be on the radar. From this point on, people will start noticing your content and you will pick up extra shares without lifting your finger.

Finally, always build relationships. The more you can connect with other bloggers, business owners, journalists and influential people, the more chances you have to link. This opens the door to guest blogging and other powerful partnerships that create backlinks.

Ignore link building at your own peril

You are free to listen to myths and avoid link building. But we would advise you to do it at your own peril.

Link building has been and will continue to be one of the top ranking factors in the Google algorithm. And as long as you avoid spammy practices, any link building investment you make will be returned to you more than once. If you make it, they will come!

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