.app Domain Extension Key and How to Get Application Name (TLD)

Are you building an app and need a .app domain name for your app marketing?

You can register .app domain names at SeekaHost and host your website effortlessly.

The best example for a .app website is SeekaHost.app itself. It is a domain and hosting service provider platform for users worldwide. You can register for free and buy any domain name and host on SeekaHost using SeekaPanel.

In this tutorial, I will show you how you can register your .app domain name using SeekaHost.app Dashboard.

Top Reasons to Buy .app Domain Names?

There is a lot of buzz about .app domain names, which is a top-level domain. Learn more about why this domain has received so much attention and over 150,000 names have been registered within 24 hours of its launch.

Reasons to buy a .app domain:

  • Google supports .app domains and recommends it for applications
  • It is highly recommended if you create any kind of software or app in Google Play Store or App Store.
  • The term app makes sense to all companies and individuals who create any type of application.
  • Your brand gets a certain identity because people will know you are an app company.
  • Not just brand building, .app domains are also SEO-friendly. If you work with backlinks, you can rank any .app domain in search engines.
  • On-page and off-page SEO can work wonders for .app domains and generate huge organic traffic.

How to buy .app domain through SeekaHost.app?

To get the .app domain, you need to register the domain using SeekaPanel. And to access SeekaPanel, you need to create a new account in the SeekaHost.app dashboard. Visit the SeekaHost.app website to register a new account by following the steps below.

Step 1: Create a new SeekaHost.app account by clicking Sign In.

Seekahost signup

Step 2: Click Sign Up and enter your details such as name, email address, and choose a password.

Seekahost login

Step 3: You will now log in to SeekaPanel where you can register your .app domain name.

Details- on-seekahost.app- Dashboard

Step 4: To register a .app domain, go to Domain Name> Register Domain and enter the domain name in the search box.

aiblock app domain registration

Step 5: The system will look for domain availability and show you the results. Once the domain is found, click Add To Cart. If you are not satisfied, you can still search for more options.

Step 6: You see that .app domain registration costs প্রথম 20 for the first year. You can choose 2 years at $ 40, 3 years at $ 60, 4 years at $ 80 and 5 years at $ 100.

Step 7: You can now click checkout or continue shopping for more domains.

aiblock app domain checkout

Step 8: You can check the cart again to confirm the price. SeekaHost.app lets you auto-renew your domain. You can select the option or let it go. Alternatively, you can choose the privacy of your contacts at an additional cost of 4 per year. This will hide your personal details in Whois information.

aiblock App Seekhost Cart Item

Step 9: Click Next and fill in your personal details.

Search personal details

Step 10: Choose a preferred payment method. You can pay by PayPal or Credit / Debit Card.

Seekahost domain order


Just a few steps are required to register a .app domain in SeekaHost.app. I hope the steps were clear and easy to understand.

Now that your .app domain has been purchased, you can go ahead and buy a hosting to run your most awaited website.

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