70% solution: Just do it

In the words of Renee Zellweger’s character in Jerry McGuire, the genius of Nike’s marketing department “greeted me.”

Apart from Nike, what other company in the world has been able to create an iconic brand close to 3 words?

It’s so simple, yet the idea of ​​doing something sheds light on the fact that in many cases we are not doing anything. Or we are not doing something significant enough.

I want you to think about the history of getting things done. The cold that is running down your back right now is called cringe. That’s right, hug it. We’re going to get through this together.

How many great ideas did you have that you just knew you were going to make the next Zuckerberg? If you are an entrepreneur, you probably have hundreds. Ideas will not leave the creative soul alone. It’s a 24/7 job just fending them off. Maybe the really strong ideas got you so excited that you started talking to your friends about them. You wanted to get some legitimacy from others that your idea was as genius as you knew it.

Maybe you called your mother too. You were so excited about that.

Then, like clockwork, inevitability occurs. Something goes off in your brain. It starts small. You feel the slightest hint of doubt. It is almost an invisible sensation. You realize how difficult this is going to be. You start thinking about all the pieces of this gigantic puzzle that you have no idea how to collect.

Instant overwhelmed.

However, instead of admitting doubts (or I dare say fear) for what it is, you find a way out of your own plan.

If you are a master-aviator like me, you will probably come up with another world-class idea and mask the deception. You declare the original idea to be fundamentally flawed in one way or another, and you are indeed grateful for not wasting your valuable, productive time, an idea that was clearly destroyed from the beginning. If a friend or family asks about the old idea (they have no idea you left the day before), you treat it like a dead pet.

“It simply came to our notice then. It’s in a good place. “

It is the best face-preservative. You don’t feel really good about giving up your own ambitions, but you feel like you have no choice. You’ve run all the statistical models in your big talent brain and you’re pretty sure the plan will never work. It’s just science. So jump to the next idea with the hope that you will find a magical idea that is just as great as the first, but also easier to implement. And don’t forget to let your friends know when you get the new idea. This way you don’t look like a loser. The human brain is a scary place, isn’t it?

Trust me when I say that this cycle of coming up with an idea, sabotaging yourself and moving fast can go on for a long time. It can last forever.

So what is the solution to this self-destructive cycle that has halved all our ambitions? How can we get that true Nike state of mind and do it just once?

I call it a 70% solution. It’s actually quite simple.

The basic premise behind the 70% solution is that you should always trade perfection for perfection when you are in the early stages of developing your concept. Better a poor horse than no horse at all, as long as you are only 100 percent satisfied with the job you are committed to. The idea that you should actually understand what you are doing or even want to do well before you start is wrong. The only thing common to every complete project is that someone started it.

That means you’re going to make a ton of mistakes. There will be moments in the palm of the mouth. There will be a ton of frustration. But whatever it is, your work will be there. If you want to start a website, but have no idea what to do with a computer besides launching it, this is perfectly fine. Just search on YouTube until you understand how to put a blank page that says “Coming Soon” Congratulations, your website is up now. If you want to start a blog, but you are worried that no one will read it, stop thinking. Just write it. Do the work.

What most of us do not understand with an entrepreneurial attitude is that we will never be satisfied. Our best efforts are usually not enough in our eyes and even when we achieve something, we will immediately look for the next excitement in another endeavor.

With this in mind, we are free to act without fear of failure. We may initially adopt a low level of perfection because we know that even if what we do is not equal in the beginning, our OCD will probably force us to work day and night to perfect it later.

So go ahead. Complete your priorities. Do what it takes to finish. Put yourself out there and adjust what you did after you got some feedback. You will be happy to see the progress you have made.

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