3 Hack to focus deeply and be more productive

In the age of social media and modern technology we have lost the ability to focus.

Many people like to say that they have ADHD, And while it’s no surprise that numbers are on the rise You don’t need a medical diagnosis to feel completely scattered all the time.

Whether you have ADHD or not, you must be disabled. And it’s not your fault. Our lives are designed for confusion. The ability to focus deeply on one concept at a time is becoming more and more rare.

“We are now living in an idea economy,” he said HP CEO Meg Whitman. Where manufactured goods were once the driving force behind our economy, now ideas The Products You can only succeed if you are quick to respond to market opportunities and quickly turn ideas into reality.

Catch-22 is the key to success.

As we dive deeper into the technology we are capable of and to improve our lives, we see a huge increase in our inability to confuse inputs that confuse us, distract us, distract us, lose our focus, and reduce our intellectual output. By 6

One of the biggest reasons our generation is having a hard time moving forward is because we’ve over-developed our ability to “try things out” and reduce our ability to complete a single task from start to finish.

More tools to be productive and less precision on how things can be done. Everything we receive is nicely designed so that we can come back for more. There are teams of people who engineer our technologies and their only job is to figure out how you click, share, swipe, clock, use and finally convert.

And as we dig deeper into our devices, we open up more access points than we know how to operate. I just counted. There are 12 different ways to contact me at any moment. 12! Between multiple email addresses, social media accounts, apps, and my “normal” phone, I’ve given the world full access to interrupt me at any moment.

We do not stand a chance.

“A misconception is a warning that says, ‘Now get your attention here; it can be dangerous,'” said David Rock, author. Your brain at work. The brain’s response is automatic. Basically irresistible.

To overcome the scattering, you did Must be bulletproof. Superhuman.

Willpower is not enough. It is useless to try to practice self-control and get angry at yourself when you cannot do it.

And yet, we constantly deceive ourselves. We promise that “this time will be different,” this time we are going to go down, only to realize that you have spent the last two hours. Facebook.

Listen: Scattering is not a will. You have to be more cunning than that.

The “secret formula” is to find more willpower and become more productive

Good news here. If you can learn to focus One thing For an extended period of time, you can surpass 99% of your coworkers and people in your field. Keep training to focus on just one thing. A very important task or goal.

The focus is deep The 21st century superpower. If you can use it, you will have a power that most do not have.

Focus is a trained skill. For a skill training you need to create a set of strong habits so that it stays strong. You need to train yourself to learn how to focus. Because just like focus, confusion is also a muscle. The more you flex it, the easier it will be to use.

Here are 3 quick ways to start training focus right away in your daily life:

1. No cell phone for the first 20 minutes of your morning

Instead, divert your thinking to good things in life, such as black holes in the Internet, meaningless gossip, and / or important work. Take 20 minutes for yourself. Wake up, let your own thoughts influence your entry into the day. Personally, I recommend meditation (Headspace is a great place to start) But it can be as simple as making time for yourself in the shower or over a cup of coffee.

Build your objectives without the illusion or greed of the screen, which has someone else’s agenda behind it. Technology itself removes the alternatives. As soon as you are sucking, it is difficult to get out.

2. No Tech Sunday

Or Saturday. Whatever works for you.

Completely confuse yourself one day a week.

What you want to do is entirely up to you. The key is to re-stimulate the muscles, which does not require instant gratification.

What you want to focus on and ignore is a defining quality of your life. Who you are and what you feel is what you focus on. If you are constantly engaged in a technology field of influence, how can you look at things from a different perspective? Without time “off”, how can you separate your ideas from the world?

Last month I went to Greece to write the first draft of my book and was cut off from the internet for three days. Although the amount of work I created was impressive (40,000 words), I was absolutely amazed by the quality of my ideas.

As Cal Newport, author of Deep Work “The work of knowledge is not an assembly line, and the activity of extracting value from information that is often in conflict with engagement is not supported by it,” he said. Without the internet, I could focus deeply and create far-reaching connections that make constant confusion impossible.

3. No internet before or after work

Just because we exist in a wifi / 4G universe does not mean that we always have to On Internet.

Take me as an example. The first draft of my book is due out on May 1st. Every morning, Before I go to the office, I carve a few hours to write. I turn off the internet when I write.

I have tried the alternative and it is very tempting. “I’ll just check my email” turned into a series of clicks that led to a rabbit hole of scattering that I had no intention of eating. Whatever the reason, our minds crave innovation.

Just because you’re writing a book doesn’t mean you can’t take anything away from my experience. Deep work requires intense concentration and the simple practice of clicking “Turn off WiFi” can serve as a symbolic gesture that initiates a strong gesture.

The final thought

It inspires you to think that your ability to focus is just as strong as your commitment to train it. If you want to stand out in the 21st century and dominate your field, you need to learn how to build a deep focus.

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