What does it mean to be curious, not just?

Ted Lasso once said, “Be curious without judging.” What does this mean? What can we learn from this? Let’s try to answer this with a story.

The story

About two years ago, my friend Marcel Benson (Barry) wanted to start a watch company.

A lot of people probably thought it was a silly idea.

The watch? The world no longer needs a watch!

But that’s not what Barry thought. He loved watches. He was always fascinated by them. She had a complete collection, even as a child.

So he started working. And when he works, it works.

Increase kickstarter

He has raised over $ 12,000 with his Kicktarter, bootstrapped production and bankrolled himself.

Benson Watch was born.

Now, whenever I see her posts online, with pictures of the products she’s shipping – and all the happy people who believe the world needs more watches, I smile.

The motto of the Benson Watch is “Spend time that you love.”

But you just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

Barry started.

What will be the reason for not starting something tomorrow?

Will it be due to the fall in gold prices?

Will it be because global warming is heating it up terribly this summer?

Is it because your computer has a new virus that is causing Google Chrome to crash?

Oh, how inconvenient it is to start!

Being curious is not judicial

For beginners: What will cause you to start something tomorrow?

Will it be because you woke up in the middle of the night with an idea that you just couldn’t shake?

Was it a song, a painting, or a movie that reminded you of a concept you’ve long forgotten and are now playing?

Is it because you know that the amount of emails you can send, the reports you give or the meetings you attend can only make you feel a fraction of the perfect joy you feel as a result of just “doing your thing” – whatever it is Anyway?

I think you should start.

I think you should stop worrying about the reasons why it won’t work and focus on the reasons why it will.

You have an idea, why not try it? I mean, seriously.

I saw a great post on Reddit the other day. The question was, “How can I make a lot of money?”

Wrote some scrappy bootstrapers How a very detailed About how he made really good money using drones to survey the lands of various construction and industrial sites and provided pictures / videos to management for security purposes.

I thought it was a super creative idea. It was well laid out.

Was it a perfect plan? Of course not. There were possible hiccups. You have to get a specific permit for this. It will involve getting past some gatekeepers.

But this is not an impossible idea. Not a long shot. And it’s more creative than starting another social media management company.

Or cut the line.

Drones and permits all together will cost about $ 1,200. Other than that, there was literally no cost involved. And if that doesn’t work, you still have a sweet drone that shoots in 4k HD and has a pilot’s license.

This is certainly not the worst consequence of the world.

I’m sure you can guess what’s next.

Everyone has lost their minds

Everyone at REDDIT has lost their minds

Everyone in the comments section has torn this guy to pieces. They may have just stopped talking about how horrible the idea was, how clearly their reasoning was flawed, and how deceitful they were in general. Especially since he has included [GASP] A link to his website in the post.

Piece by piece. And it was Entrepreneur Subredit, where one would assume people are more open-minded!

One troll best describes it:

“Are people really that innocent? Oh yeah guys, I have an idea that makes me $ 500k a month. But I’ve been there and done so here’s all you have to do, just go to my website. Maybe this guy made 50k And maybe he didn’t. If he does it in the unlikely event, he rejects it and knows the business is dead. If something seems too good to be true, 99% of the time it happens. “

Does that sound like a “starter” attitude?

Where is the brave soul, my friends?

It’s easy to get caught up in the thousands of small details that will make things harder for you But being caught up in these details keeps you from seeing the big picture: almost anything is possible nowadays.

Down the walls. The door is open. You can tweet the President and he will hit you back.

You’re not always going to get everything you want.

But you can’t say you didn’t have a chance. Not now. Not in the era of facetime, automobiles and stem cells.

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

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Top 8 ready to use chat API for ecommerce companies

Many websites, web apps, mobile apps and others in the market operate under the misconception that their products or services are able to attract users, but they stop thinking further. Users or consumers may have questions that need to be answered, especially on e-commerce sites where things seem complicated. Entrepreneurs should not ignore the fact that no user will sign up on any platform unless they provide 24/7 weekly customer service via chat or phone.

Compared to other types of online business, the need for an e-commerce site enables customer service representatives to assist customers with registration, ordering, delivery and other issues on the platform.

So, e-commerce sites need a reliable chat solution that can become an efficient means of communication between you and your users. You may have an alternative thought about asking your team to develop a chat solution, but are they experienced in creating the best chat solution that can compete with the most popular chat solutions on the market? Therefore, if you choose to develop your chat solution, it will be one of the reasons for losing users.

Below are some recommendations for a standard chat API for e-commerce business.

Troop Messenger

Troop MessengerWhich is known as an efficient On-premises chat It also provides the best chat APIs that can be seamlessly integrated. To emphasize, Troop Messenger is known to support all domains and can be used as an office chat app or a business chat app for everyday work. Troop Messenger’s Chat API and SDK are thus available to any domain.

Troop Messenger offers a variety of chat APIs, such as general-purpose chat and messaging APIs, customer support chat widgets, and more. The chat APIs of these tools are used by many businesses, including e-commerce sites such as B2C, C2C, B2B, and sooner.

Troop Messenger enhances the messaging experience by allowing you to set up any type of conversation. The best services are not just for e-commerce sites; These include dating sites, banking and fintech apps, health units, in-game chat, sales and support, and other businesses. Also, you have complete control over the user experience and scalability, which makes it ideal for your business. Troop Messenger works on the principle of providing a secure platform for people to communicate and is also a defense-proven tool that makes it one of the most secure chat options. As a result, you and your users can chat safely, and save data for easy recovery.

To create a controlled chat session with your customers, use Troop Messenger Extended Chat SDK documentation on your business-messaging platforms. It is a developer-friendly chat API that allows them to create simple and efficient in-app chat solutions using the app API.


  • One messaging after another
  • Group conversation
  • Forkout (bulk messaging)
  • Attachment
  • Reply and forward the message
  • Live location tracking
  • Audio and video messages
  • Delete, revoke, and edit
  • Typing indicators, etc.


With a 99.999 percent API uptime SLA, PubNub is a popular in-app chat API provider committed to performing conversations well, even in the face of increasing traffic and huge integration. With a wide range of scaling options, PubNub’s Chat API ensures user engagement and engagement.

Businesses can keep conversations spam-free and reduce customer service costs and ensure quality using the PubNub Instant Messaging API. Its in-app chat allows one-on-one, group and community conversations. What’s more, they provide UI elements ready to use to make chat programs look professional. Direct chats make it easier to communicate with each other, whereas group chats evoke a sense of community.


  • Chatbot device chat
  • Community chat stream
  • Geo / location tracking
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Private / group chat


Enablex is a leading provider of communication APIs like Chat API, Voice API, Video API and others. Their messaging SDK and chat APIs provide features that enable meaningful communication between devices and platforms. Enablex’s chat API is designed to be customized on the fly, including functionality, device compatibility, UI / UX and more. To protect every conversation access device, their platform is built with AES-based encryption, end-to-end encryption, and other security standards.

In addition, Enablex provides a developer-trusted, API-powered platform that allows you to quickly and easily produce production-ready live video, voice, and messaging applications in the programming language of your choice.


  • Chat status
  • Threaded conversation
  • Chat analysis
  • Multi-party chat
  • Mass notification


MirrorFly provides one of the most comprehensive in-app chat APIs and SDK solutions available. In detail, they provide modern online and mobile conversations with upgraded features. Also, the whole chat program can be customized with functionality, looks, themes and many more.

In fact, it helps you communicate with users in real-time by providing push notifications and keeping them engaged at all times. Various possibilities exist here, from update messages to conversation reminders.

End-to-end encryption, HIPAA compatibility and GDPR compliance allow you to build a secure communication infrastructure. The high-powered messaging API can connect millions of users and facilitate billions of chats.


  • Unlimited chat rooms
  • In-app chat
  • Secure file sharing
  • Language Translator API
  • Notification


Developers can be more productive using Sendbird’s Chat API, Voice API, Video API, Native Chat SDK, Featured Platform and Portable UI components. E-commerce sites can have a great advantage in creating an in-app chat where they can engage their users in real-time chat.

It has a powerful chat API that can help you increase customer engagement, increase revenue and deepen the conversation. In addition, it offers an uninterrupted ticket routing system and an easy-to-use dashboard, as well as in-app, live-chat support. In addition, it secures data via AES 256 end-to-end encryption, allows @ mention in conversations, offers worldwide language translation, and enables more than 1,000,000 synchronous connections per application and 500,000,000 messages per day.


  • Chat moderation
  • Pornography filter
  • Auto-thumbnail generator
  • Voice and Video API
  • Smart throttling


Apphitect’s configurable chat API allows zero downtime integration of communication channels across iOS, Android and web applications. In detail, the Apphitect platform includes video calling / conferencing, screen sharing and other virtual means of communication. Also, it’s a fully customizable API built with state-of-the-art technology like Apache Cassandra, Erlang, and Amazon Web Services.

Like any tool Apphitect also offers many features but offline messaging. This unique feature provides a great way to extend the reach of the app even when not connected to the Internet; The auto-sync feature shows each user’s activity in real-time, regardless of how many devices users use to sign in.


  • Social interaction
  • Private chat
  • Push notification
  • Geolocation tracking
  • Multimedia sharing

Comet chat

Cometchat is a prominent Colorado based chat SDK and messaging API provider that provides in-app chat solutions for small to large businesses. Within an existing app, it enables a completely intuitive chat experience. Its SDKs offer cross-platform, making it faster to optimize for a variety of devices. Also, end-to-end encryption ensures that all chats are secure and confidential, while other extensions make your chat functions easier.

CometChat provides SDK for popular technologies, such as Swift, Kotlin, React, React Native, PHP / Laravel and many more. Similarly, these are thoughtfully designed and rigorously tested.


  • Webhook
  • Read the index
  • Custom message
  • Video conference
  • One on one and group chat


Quickblox chat solution is suitable for a wide range of industries. For example, it is HIPAA-compliant, making it suitable for healthcare use. Also, it’s safe and fast, it’s ideal for financial and e-commerce apps and websites. Therefore, you can develop an efficient real-time messaging solution for your app.

With QuickBlox’s Real-Time Chat SDK and Chat API, you can create a sophisticated chat solution for your web and mobile apps. To create a fully immersed user experience, use advanced capabilities and combine them with voice and video calling or video conferencing options. It can be seamlessly hosted on-premises and in the cloud.


  • Push notification
  • Database
  • Screen sharing
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • One by one / group calling


Of course, we hope that these tools will help you with your API chat needs and that you’ve discovered a chat solution that best supports your business. However, keep in mind that when choosing a chat API for any tool, security is paramount because e-commerce operations involve commercial transactions, and the data must be secure.

Employees returning to the office? 7 ways to help them adjust

Many employees are returning to work after taking time off for family, private, holiday celebrations or just for COVID-related lockdowns. While returning to work can be exciting and refreshing, it can also be a bit daunting for many. They will again have to rush to the office very early in the morning, work under regular supervision from 9am to 5pm and have only limited breaks.

All of this can put pressure on some employees, and as their leader, it is your responsibility to ensure a smooth transition for them. This article provides tips on how to help employees adjust to return to work. It covers issues such as adapting office settings and policies, providing assistance during transition periods, and providing resources to help employees re-energize and feel ready to start their workday. So let’s get started:

Here are 7 practical tips to make employee return as smooth as possible

1. Make the office environment as comfortable as possible:

Creating a conducive environment for employees to return is essential for a smooth transition. Here are some tips that might help:

  • First and foremost, create a positive work culture that is reward-oriented and encourages employees to succeed. This will help them to come to the office every day and inspire to be productive.
  • Make sure your office space is clean, organized and bright – this will encourage reduced clutter and stress and increase focus.
  • Encourage employees to take time off when needed and provide flexible working hours. This will allow them to work in a healthier way and balance their personal lives. Do this for at least the first few weeks so they can adjust their schedule without having to do any personal work during office hours.
  • From comfortable chairs to a well-equipped kitchen – provide staff with the resources and tools they need to be productive. This will help them to feel comfortable in the office and make quick adjustments.

2. Help them get acquainted with the office culture

It’s great to be back in the office after a long break, but it can be hard to get back on track. To help them get acquainted with the office culture, have a welcome back party / event. This will help everyone get to know each other again and establish channels of communication between employees and managers.

Be clear about your expectations to make sure everyone knows what kind of performance you need. After all, make sure everyone is enjoying themselves when they return to work!

3. Constructively criticize employees for their performance while working remotely

Working from a distance has its own challenges, and one of them is being too comfortable in their home environment and their productivity is being compromised. Therefore, it is important to provide feedback and criticism to employees when working remotely.

In this way, they understand the areas in which they need to improve and the tools they can use to do so. Let them know that you are available when they need it and help them deal with any challenges when they return to the office.

4. Pay attention to the emotional impact of going back to work

It is understandable that your employees are quite emotional after returning to work after a long break. Here are some practical tips on how you can best support them at this critical juncture:

  • Make sure you recognize their return and recognize the hard work they put in to adjust to the return.
  • Give them the help they need to get back into their daily routine. It can arrange at least one session with your company or a third party workplace therapist.
  • Show genuine appreciation for their hard work and dedication by providing generous benefits and bonuses.

5. Encourage when pausing and decompressing

As a boss, it’s important to make sure your employees have the opportunity to decompress and relax. This will help them avoid burnout, work better and be more productive in the long run. It is also important to make your workplace comfortable and aesthetically pleasing so that employees feel comfortable and do not feel overwhelmed.

In addition, encourage employees to contact you about any issues or concerns they may have. This will help you deal with them quickly and effectively. Help them to balance work / life so that they can come to the office feeling relaxed and motivated without feeling overwhelmed or guilty.

6. Set basic rules for behavior at work and outside

It is important to have clear expectations about behavior, both inside and outside the workplace. That way, everyone can understand the acceptable behavior parameters and know where they stand. Employees can be so comfortable working from home that they can also take the office environment abruptly.

This can lead to a casual dress code, unacceptable behavior, inappropriate jokes with other employees and later important tasks. They may be able to do all this at home with zero supervision. However, for the workplace, you need to set rules to ensure that this does not happen in the office.

7. Encourage team bonding activities

This is one of the best ways to sharpen staff collaboration skills. When employees are away for long periods of time, they may be hesitant to communicate effectively with each other, especially your introverted employees.

Engaging them in team-building activities will help them work together more efficiently and build better teamwork skills. In addition, fun events and activities can create a positive work environment that helps employees quickly adjust to it.

Welcome your employees to a better workplace!

It is always great for employees to return to work after a break, but it is better if the workplace is comfortable and pleasant. Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for antique items.

From creating a positive work-life balance to creating a healthy workplace culture, these seven practical tips will help your employees feel at home again.

6 Ways to Use Expired Domains for SEO Benefits 2022 and Beyond


Contains Internet 153,210 Domains expired on 09 June 2022, according to the DomCop site.

Why should you care? Expired domains help improve a website’s backlink profile. Thus, Buying an expired domain for SEO Essential for performing well in search engines.

However, if you do not use expired domains strategically, the strategy can backfire. So, how do you make sure you’re doing it right? This article will help you at the same time.

In this article, we will discuss 6 ways to use Expired domain for SEO convenience.

6 Ways to Use Expired Domains for SEO Benefits

1. Direct traffic to your website through 301 redirects

A 301 redirect is a piece of code that tells search engines and web browsers that a web page has been permanently moved to a new location. As such, search engines treat the latest webpage as an updated location for a previous webpage. Therefore, the new webpage will receive all the traffic and link value.

After you redirect to a web page, update all the backlinks on your other sites so that the backlinks point directly to the new webpage. The process ensures that the new webpage accepts all the link values.

Here’s how 301 redirects help with SEO:

  • 301 redirects pass 90% of link equity from redirected pages.
  • Whenever a search engine spider comes across a 301 redirect when crawling your website, the redirect redirects the search engine spider to replace the old URL with a new one in the search engine index. The process ensures that users never see pages 404 not found in their search query.
  • 301 redirects keep the old page’s PageRank intact. If you don’t know, PageRank is one of the ranking signals that Google uses to determine where to place a webpage in search results.

2. Backlink content to your website

The higher the number of backlinks to a webpage from an authority webpage, the higher the page will rank in search results. If you do not know, the web pages of the authority are where users get the most accurate and up-to-date information on this topic

An expired domain with a high number of backlinks from trusted websites can give you the benefits mentioned above. In addition, here’s why you should buy Expired domain with high quality backlinks:

  • An expired domain with a proven ability to rank higher in the Google index in the past ranks better in search results. The reason behind the phenomenon is that Google considers domain age as one of the reasons for search engine ranking. Try to find an expired domain with a high domain age (over one year old) relevant to your business.
  • Expired domain names offer a significant amount of web traffic. Thus, if you Buy an expired domain with traffic And with a target audience similar to yours, you don’t have to spend months and years building your website traffic from scratch.
  • If you are creating a new domain from scratch, you must request a similar business for guest posting, ask registrars to add your domain to their site or build credibility and reputation so that relevant sites choose to refer you.

3. Create a microsite

A microsite is a cluster of relevant web pages that work independently with a major site.

A microsite acts as a filter to drive only the most interested and qualified traffic to the main site, much like a landing page. In addition, a microsite helps the main site to rank higher in the SERP results.

Microsites are the most useful if you want:

  • Promote an event
  • Promote a new product line
  • Offer information about niche topics in your advertising campaigns
  • Offer users an interactive experience
  • Apply to a specific subset of your audience

4. Create broken links

Broken link building is a white hat method of gaining backlinks. Here’s how the process works:

  • Find broken pages with backlinks. You can use third party SEO tools to find the same. Additionally, you can use third party backlink checkers to check the number of links on each broken page. Check for broken links on your competitor’s broken pages, including resource pages, competitor websites, and backlinks.
  • Check the quality of the link. Choose links with more than 20 domain traffic and 5+ domain ratings In addition, never choose a subdomain from a platform like Blogspot.
  • Develop a replacement page.
  • Contact the webmasters who have linked to the page and ask them to replace the broken link with your new one. Be sure to personalize each email to get better results.

5. Create personal blog networks (PBNs)

A private blog network (PBN) defines a network of websites set up to create links to other websites. The process helps those other websites to rank better in search results.

You can buy expired domains and set up like an online blog to acquire it. However, creating a spammy site in a low-authority domain will not do the trick. Instead, follow the steps outlined below:

  • Choose an expired domain with a high number of backlinks from authority websites.
  • Set up a blog with custom logos, a well-defined section about us, and individual social media channels. The process will ensure that visitors find the blog as an independent and trusted source, not a blog for creating links to your primary website.
  • Publish at least 10 well-written articles of more than 600 words. In addition, add pictures and share information that will grab the reader’s attention. Google rewards bots and crawlers.

However, you need to spend both time and effort to succeed in PBN backlink building strategy.

6. Restore the old site

You had a website that you abandoned. In the past you probably did not have the time or skills to manage the site. The domain has expired but is still available to anyone willing to purchase it. You want to be that person because you know that the site provides great content.

Here’s how you can recover an old site with an expired domain:

  • Dead site content analysis. You can use Google’s cache to achieve the same. Go to Google and type in cache: www.websiteurl.com And let Google do the rest. However, you will not receive a cached copy unless the website allows search crawls.
  • Set up a content management system (CMS) of your choice. Also buy hosting because just purchasing a domain can cause problems uploading content from your archived past.
  • Perform a content audit. Delete or update inferior content. Check if any part of the content contains stolen or broken links. In addition, remove pieces of content with outdated, and incorrect, or discriminatory information.
  • If you want the retrieved site to link to your primary website, choose relevant opportunities from one piece of content to another instead of a homepage or landing page.

Expired domains for SEO convenience – Boost your website into SERP results.

Expired domains help build backlinks and thus improve SEO. Thus, using Expired domain for SEO convenience Essential.

However, when you select one Expired blog domainCheck:

  • Domain metrics
  • History of the domain
  • Niche relevance
  • Specify the domain

To pick Top expired domain.

Below are some sources that you can read for more knowledge about usage Expired domain for SEO convenience.

Crete Island in Greece for remote work and digital nomadic lifestyle

The Mediterranean island of Crete The largest island in Greece It has a lot to offer like a nice place to stay and work, such as breakfast or even lunch and dinner, so that you can concentrate fully on your work (and it is better to rent a car here as much as possible to stay flexible).

Fernando-Raymond-in-Crete-IslandAlso, most offer leisure facilities such as swimming pool, gym, tennis court, yoga, etc. One of the best for me is the all-inclusive resort.

Play tennis in Crete-GreeceThe Filion Resort & Spa Near the famous sand beach was awesome. Located in the mountains, yet about 10 minutes from the beach, you can book a complete apartment with a terrace with food and drink all day. Every morning you have access to an incredibly versatile buffet, with snacks and drinks for lunch and dinner. You can choose from healthy salad and fruit dishes, meat, eggs and other Mediterranean dishes and of course the common continental type of food.

So, overall good food for a decent price (excluding the main season in July, August) – April, May, early June and the end of September is best to go out of the main season in October or November. You will then face fewer tourists and lower prices. The resort offers free Wi-Fi access throughout the region so you can work from the pool area or the bar where you have access to free drinks and snacks throughout the day. You can also work from your house or apartment, if you prefer a quieter workplace.

Crete-island-Greece-beachThe Filion Resort and Spa in the sand fishing village area of ​​Crete There was a great deal. You can get a 4-bedroom apartment for 9 people for 110 per night. Good for group stays, staff meetings and digital migration meetups and staying active.

If you land at Chania Airport, it is advisable to look for accommodation in the vicinity for the first few days as you will be able to explore this beautiful part of the island without having to travel far. I saw about 8 km away from the airport Alianthas Suite in Tersanas near Chania And it is located close to the coast so you can get stunning views of the sea here and include a great breakfast buffet and access to a pool and tennis court with sea views.

Free Wi-Fi access is available throughout the property, however, some rooms seem to have less signal than others, so you best let the team know that you need a good internet connection when booking. But the signal was right in the communal area and you can work from there with stunning views of the sea and mountains.

If you prefer a complete apartment for self-catering, then Nostalgia Villas Will be for you Attractive price for a great place where you can dine for 8 people with great views and a swimming pool and nearby caves and beaches you can reach by hiking in about 10 minutes.

You will also have a fully equipped kitchen and a washing machine, and the surroundings will be quiet and peaceful. You can buy fresh fish and ingredients from the nearest supermarket and cook your own meals, if you follow a certain diet. And it’s great for hiking with Stavros nearby.

The Nostalgia Villa property consists of a total of 4 villas, so you can invite family, friends or colleagues and rent the whole property to use together at affordable prices, especially outside of the main season.

For digital nomads and remote workers who prefer a buzzing city and luxurious lifestyle, you can visit the town of Rethimonon between the capital Heraklion and China. Here you can find everything from water sports activities such as jet skiing to bars and clubs and a nice shopping area in the city center.

You can book a nice and modern hotel room here for your own treatment Theatermis Hotel Near the main beach. It offers indoor and outdoor pools, a gym, massage chairs and a spa, and the buffet there is spacious with great service. Not to mention that Wi-Fi was fast and solid throughout the hotel.

For the ultimate luxury experience, especially for digital nomads who prefer to stay calm and quiet only for adults, Minos Ambassador Suite A must. Expect a stunning apartment with all the mod-cons you want and an incredibly comfortable bed.

The Infinity Pool with city and sea views was at the top here and you can conveniently work from the rooftop terrace when ordering drinks or food from the cherries and bars.

Addition-of-Ferrando-Raymond-on-Crete-island-in-GreeceFor breakfast and dinner you will not miss delicious and fresh salads, fruits, vegetables and common Cretan foods like fried aubergine, octopus salad and delicious desserts like baklava and various cakes in addition to high quality meat and fresh fish dishes. And the desert. Also the incredibly attentive service of the hotel staff is always at hand. You can access the gym and indoor pool or sauna and hammam for extra wellness and relaxation after work.

Moving east of the island Miramare Resort & Spa Hotel Crete in Agios Nikolaos is certainly recommended.

The picturesque town with stunning sea views and a lake is just a 10-minute walk from the resort, with many beach fish restaurants to enjoy. However, the resort is so spacious, you can swim in 3 huge different pools here, enjoy a large breakfast buffet in the morning with beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and sea.

You will also have access to a gym and tennis court. However, the beaches here are not as impressive as the west side of the island where you can find many white sandy beaches with great clear water for swimming and snorkeling. While Wi-Fi was solid throughout the resort, the service could be improved.


Crete offers a great coastline with many beaches for swimming and relaxing with public showers, toilets and modified facilities that are generally well maintained and clean. Also, you will always find a small inn or kiosk for breakfast.

Heading back to the western part of Crete Almirida Bay Resort A good stopover in the beautiful town of Almirida. It’s not the best hotel room or service experience here, but the pool is good for long stretches of swimming and the tennis courts are decent.

For the best beaches you have to go to Kisamos in Crete where I was modern Christina Hotel Offers a spacious hotel room with a kitchen and a beautiful pool area and lounge with sea views. But the bed can be even better থেকে from here you can easily reach the stunning Falasarna beach which I found to be one of the best beaches I have ever visited, swimming in the clear sand and the local fish.

Work from Christina Hotel Good with sea view and a good internet connection. There was no downtime and 4G connections for mobile were in full signal throughout the hotel and outdoors. At the pool Christina Hotel Great for a super morning and some yoga by the pool. There is a 2.8 meter deep pool and small diving board.

About an hour from Christina Hotel Drive to Elafonisi Beach – an amazing beach to see with turquoise and pink. More details and pictures https://www.greeka.com/crete/chania/beaches/elafonisi/ and also https://www.cretanbeaches.com/en/sea-tourism/west-crete-beaches/elafonissi-beach A.

Having said that, I would go back to Crete and the island would be one of my top choices for working remotely as a digital nomad. I have some plans for the Smart Island show and a digital tribe of 100 digitally inspired people to travel with me to Crete every year.

The six best parts of career counseling for professionals in the 20’s –

Most people have a hard time navigating their professional lives in their 20s. And understandably so! You graduated and are now trying to understand how the practical world works. You will inevitably make mistakes and learn. But some career tips make your journey easier.

Many people in their 20s decide to go for the first job. They don’t really think it’s something they’re excited about. They are happy to get the job.

But the reality soon sets in. They find it increasingly difficult to get out of bed every day. The work became a mere formality. Your professional life should not always be like that. This is where you need career advice that will change the way you look at things.

Career tips to make your professional life exciting

You don’t always have to wait long to get the job of your dreams. You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo. Of course, experience is not everything all the time.

Career Search

The career advice we are going to give you is not really about what you should do. It’s more about how you do it.

1. It is not always necessary to take small steps

One piece of career advice is to give people one step at a time. Wait for the next step and proceed slowly. While this is definitely effective, you don’t always have to follow these guidelines.

If you think a huge move could make you miss a few small ones along the way, go for it! You don’t always have to do what others are doing. Find unique solutions to make yourself stand out among the many candidates. If you think this will enable you to shine through tough competition, take a plunge.

Yes, hard work always pays off, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find the shortcuts. If you find a way to get ahead and get the job of your dreams, don’t think twice before walking down that road.

2. You don’t always have to know what to do

Many people in their 20’s are confused about what they want to do with their lives. Don’t worry if you are one of them. This is not necessarily a bad thing. You must be wondering what career advice we can give you when you do not know which career you want to pursue. You have to have a surprise.

If you think about it, your 20 years is the year to explore and try new options If you have zero in on what you want to do, you limit your progress. Having many options ensures that even if a door closes, you will not be disappointed and will be willing to try something new. You have no tunnel vision, and so you are more open to trying new ventures.

3. There is always a shortcut

Similarly, ask people to suggest you a career. Many will say that things have to be done clearly. While there is nothing wrong with that, it is not the only option you have.

Remember, there are many ways to achieve your goals. You can do what everyone else is doing. You can find people who can benefit you. Or you may discover a new path that will get you closer to your goal in no time.

Career shortcuts

Confused? Here is an example. Suppose you apply for a job. Naturally, many more candidates will apply for the same position. If you want to get past them, you need to find a way to stay out of the crowd. You need to let the hiring manager know that you have something unique that will benefit the company.

4. It’s not always about money

This is probably the most important career advice we can give you. When you’re 20, all you can think of is earning more. But remember, at this early stage of your career, more than money, it is a guide that will help you grow professionally.

If you have to choose between a consultant and money, your long term advantage is going to be a consultant who will teach you trade strategies.

Remember, you don’t have enough experience to navigate through the industry. By your mentor. And they can teach you everything. So focus on the bigger picture and join someone who will help you polish your skills. Money will follow.

5. Patience is indeed a quality

We’re sure you’ve heard this career advice many times before. But it is wise to mention it again. Most people in their 20s are impatient. They want to succeed without waiting for it.

Basically, you want everything to fall into place instantly. You want to defeat everyone and get to your desired position as soon as possible. But it is not really possible. Remember, your professional journey requires patience. And things happen at different speeds with everyone.

Don’t go looking for shortcuts that will do more harm than good. And of course don’t wait for an opportunity that will make you successful overnight.

6. Never lose focus

This is one of the most important career tips for people in their 20s. Because that’s something, they fight the most. At this age you are surrounded by many confusions.

But if you do not allow yourself to be influenced by other activities, you will always do your best. You will dedicate your time to professional prosperity, which is bound to take the place of your career.

Best Career Tips: Follow Your Passion

The ultimate career advice

In addition, it is the last bit of career advice that we are leaving you. If you work hard at something you are not excited about, success will not mean much to you.

Overall, once you polish your skills in a subject and get good at it, you will also like to succeed in it. So find something that you are really excited about and work on it.